Key Mindfulness Statistics: Trends and Insights for 2024

Mindfulness is a trend that continues to gain popularity. The following mindfulness statistics illustrate its increasing appeal in the years 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Throughout history meditation has enjoyed a growing level of popularity.

Once you delve into the reasons why people engage in meditation, their experiences and the sheer number of individuals who practice it you


50+ Freelance Statistics: Thrive in the New Economy

Freelancing is booming with a surge in people choosing flexible hours over traditional employment.

The popularity of remote work is only increasing according to freelance statistics. This is fueled by technological progress and the ability to link clients with freelancers worldwide.

Which in turn allows more people to do what they love on their own time without


Wealth Statistics: Understanding the Numbers Behind Income Inequality

Measuring wealth statistics is essential when it comes to understanding progress. You’ll learn how individuals, households and the whole nation are doing. Analyzing these numbers help us understand how money works. Whether calculating wealth differences between the rich and the poor. Or, what factors contribute to accumulating wealth. Both for individuals, companies or nations.

If you’re


121 Updated Small Business Statistics in 2023

Annually, approximately 4.4 million small businesses are established in the United States according to statistics from the Commerce Institute.

Millions of individuals yearn to open their own business – an outstanding way to achieve your goals, make an impact – at large, and to create more time, financial and geographical freedom in your life. (success).

  • Nevertheless,

12 Urgent Financial Planning Statistics in 2023

Many people are confronted with personal money difficulties.

It pains me to hear it, but it certainly appears to be the case.

It’s something that must be treated seriously, not glossed over. The worse the problem gets when we brush off and ignore household finance issues, the more we ignore them. There’s a high likelihood that you


8 YouTube Channel Stats To Help Grow Your Business

Growing a popular YouTube channel isn’t easy. Roughly 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. And on top of everything else, over 51 Million YouTube channels compete for the user’s attention. For most entrepreneurs, that competition sends a shiver down their spine.

However, a strong YouTube channel strategy can differentiate between your business getting all


30+ Important Mental Health Statistics and Facts in 2023

Mental illness is a major health problem for children and adults. Despite these mental health statistics, the majority don’t feel open to discussing their challenges.

It is highly understood that emotional and mental health issues are in a position to cause not only physical distress but also mental illness

These mental health issues include:

  • Anxiety

31 Happiness Statistics, Facts and Trends in 2024

“The surest way to be happy is to seek happiness for others.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.


Based on research about happiness statistics published in the Journal of Happiness Studies.

In summary, “happiness is a state of contentment when all aspects of life are in harmony”.

Researchers studying this phenomenon “happiness” have identified four conditions for its existence;

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