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What is DreamMaker?

DreamMaker is law of attraction, evolved. With daily step by step processes, quizzes, gamification and taking action in the real world. This transforms learning from overwhelm, confusion, uncertainty, to a complete and conscious adventure that has a definite end. And we do it all by simplifying the complicated.

This radically-inspired approach creates a whole new way to see achievement. the law of attraction and manifesting. Together, we are finding unlikely connection and growth through strategic online learning courses (Or checklists on steroids as we call them). These execution plans give you the opportunity to achieve, well, anything.

What is DreamMaker Coaching Company

DreamMaker's Manifesting Model

This is the four-step approach for utilizing the law of attraction in your life or business.

be specific write down goals ask the universe

1. Ask

Make a clear mental image of the life you want and what you wish to attract into your existence. Make a list of everything you desire. Be firm in your beliefs and write them down in as much detail as possible.

visualize to materialize your vision

2. Visualize

Take time each day to picture your desired future. This will create a magnetic field of attraction that will draw you closer to your intended goal.

repetition makes impression in subconscious mind

3. Repeat

An impression is made in the subconscious mind through the repeated use of the DM3 triangle manifestation technique, which sends out a frequency that matches each idea you desire.

receive what you want

4. Receive

You must believe in yourself. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and you will be able to reach for the stars. The more you live in a state of positive anticipation, the faster your wish will come true.


What is the Law of attraction?

Simply said, the law of attraction is a natural, unchangeable phenomenon that ensures that you are constantly paired with things, places, conditions and circumstances that mirror your typical way of being. "Like attracts like" or "birds of a feather flock together."

This means that we are not simply flitting from one activity to the next. There are established scientific laws that govern our lives, the degree of success we may have, and how effortlessly things move forward for us. Whether we are aware of it or not, the law of attraction has a significant impact on our lives. The more we understand how to use it in conjunction with one another, the faster the universe will bring us what we want. Understanding how to utilize your attention, focus, and intention while you go about your day is an important component in learning how:

Step one - Be

The capacity to 'be' something is an image you have of yourself deep inside your mind. You can 'be' a variety of things. A designer, a mother, and a vegetarian are just three examples. The difficulty lies in attempting to change our state of being in order to achieve a new and desired outcome.

Step two - Think

The second thing you need to realise is that your thoughts create your life. A key part in understanding how to use the law of attraction to accelerate your life and success is learning how to use your focus, attention and intention.

Step three - Speak

Your words have a strong influence. They usually correspond with your ideas. The thoughts and speeches may work for you or against you. You must begin speaking positively to yourself in order to be successful. Start using "I am" affirmations right now. I am prosperous;

Step four - Act

You're acting like a successful person and speaking like a rich person. Your final step is to act as if you were already at your end goal. We must act as if we are already at our intended conclusion, regardless of what our present position is.

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DreamMaker will help you...

Get clear on what you want to be, have or do

Write clear, realistic goal descriptions that you'll be able to stick with without going in too many directions at once or forcing results.

Ask the universe and achieve goals 5X faster

Improve your manifestation skills by asking the universe in the correct manner and exceeding goals in three months than you have previously achieved in the previous three years.

End manifestor's block with execution plans

What am I doing wrong if the Law of Attraction isn't working? Relax and follow the instructions in your execution plan to get what you want.

Speed up manifesting by better visualization

The element of visualization that everyone overlooks. A UCLA study has confirmed the missing component that will make this approach work.

Breakthrough the resistance barrier

The first step toward overcoming resistance is to acknowledge and accept it. Consider thinking/belief/etc. as an alternative to the current negative attitude.

Take action (help the universe make it happen)

Embodiment practices can improve results 200 percent. People who fail at manifesting don't use something known as embodiment, which can easily boost your chances of success by 200 percent.


Rated 4.7/5 stars in over 100 reviews

Read why hundreds of manifesting fans, and entrepreneurs love DreamMaker.

will law of attraction course student

Will Cross

Salesperson, London


The course was everything I expected it to be.

I took the DreamMaker course and it was everything I expected it to be. The thing that I really liked the most is that I was offered speedy support directly from Petri throughout the course whenever I needed it.


Ernesto Noriega

Paradise Electric, Cuba



Hello Petri, I followed your Manifesting Partner Strategy last month by calling all my old clients. 1 Closed so far. 2 more are coming. How much is my profit? maybe around $3k. This is good, I’m happy … for 1 month working with you Petri!

boris a

Borislav Arapchev

SEO Specialist, Bulgaria


Work smarter, not harder .. as you say...

To let you know the number. We got 30 new good clients with good budgets with your help. This is $500 per client per month - awesome :) . Work smarter, not harder .. as you say...
I highly recommend Petri if you want to grow your business!

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