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Unlock everything with DreamMaker Premium

A wealth of content and tools that align thoughts and actions.

Access to great courses

Masterclasses for overcoming challenges in health, wealth and relationships.

Goal setting tools

Turn intentions into achievable goals with principles of the law of attraction.

Clarity Coaching

Discover clarity and know which direction to go in.

Manifestation techniques

Transform your financial identity with advanced money manifesting tools.

Manifestation meditations

Elevate your vibe with manifestation meditations for desired outcomes.

Calming mood check-ins

Daily check-in prompting users to express gratitude and improve their mood

Visualization practices

Visualize and crystallize your desires into replayable mind movies.

Morning rituals

Designed to kickstart positive energy and set a harmonious tone for the day.

Manifesting scripts

Use our secret script that guarantees clarity and achievement of goals.

In-lesson education

Instantly see which answers you get correct. When you make a mistake, we will quickly show you how to correct and improve yourself.


Each lesson includes a variety of quizzes, multiple choice challenges and explanations of both the right and the wrong answers.

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New content is published every week.