How many times have you said you’re going to do something about your money situation, but never follow through?

How often do you find yourself rationalizing why you can’t save, invest or make more money?

If this sounds like you, then you may be experiencing money blocks.

These blocks are subconscious beliefs that keep us from taking action with our finances.

In this post, we’ll explore how to identify and clear your money blocks for good.

So, if you’re ready to take control of your financial destiny, read on!

What Are Money Blocks and How Do They Form?

What Are Money Blocks and How Do They Form

The definition of a money block is: “A self-limiting belief about money that keeps us from achieving financial success.”

  • Money blocks are subconscious beliefs that limit our ability to achieve financial success.
  • These blocks can manifest in different ways. For example, you may have a money block around earning more money.
  • This could manifest as not asking for a raise at work or not going after that promotion.
  • These blocks are often formed by our upbringing, past experiences, friends, school, or cultural messages we’ve internalized.

How do money blocks form?

Money blocks form by beliefs that are learned.

  • For example, if you were raised with the belief that money is evil, you may have a money block around wealth.
  • Or, if you’ve had experiences with debt or financial insecurity, you may have developed a money block around spending.
  • For example, you may have grown up hearing statements like “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “rich people are greedy.”

These blocks can prevent us from taking action to improve our financial situation.

You may want to check how to use positive money affirmations instead.

What is causing these money blocks?

Before you go into how to fix the money block problem you’re having, let’s take a look at the three factors that are keeping you from being a money magnet.

When you are in a desperate situation, 3 things tend to occur:

You become so focused on your lack of money, that you:

  1. Put all of your attention on what you don’t have, instead of what you do have.
  2. Only see the negative aspects of money, instead of the positive.
  3. Attract more situations in which you need money but don’t have any.

The reason this happens is that you are vibrating at a low frequency. And like attracts like. So when you are focused on your lack of money, you will only attract more situations in which you need money but don’t have any.

The key to attracting money is to change or raising your vibration.

While these 3 things are instinctual, they have the power to keep you from getting what you want (be it money, success, or whatever else you desire).

How To Identify Your Money Blocks

How To Identify Your Money Blocks

How can you identify your money blocks and what are their effects on your life and finances?

Are you stressed out about money right now?

If you answered yes, as many people do, that’s fine.

Hint: that’s the first “block”.

Don’t worry.

Things are going to improve shortly for you.

If you’re somebody who’s stressed about money, I have good news for you: there are ways to boost your finances and stop worrying.

If you want money to start and keep rolling in, there are three key things you can do.

However, I should warn you that mastering these three principles and putting them to good use in your finances will not come naturally.


Because money problems often come with negative emotions attached to them, it is important to learn how to manage those emotions and adopt new positive behaviors. In the next post, I will outline some specific ways you can do this.

Are you ready to dig into the money blocks?

Let’s do it.

The 3 Common Money Blocks That Hinder Attraction

Common Money Blocks That Hinder Attraction

1. Complaining about how bad things are

Imagine you started a business that isn’t doing so well anymore.

You may begin to complain about the situation instinctively. You’ve been telling your friends how difficult things are and how everything seems to be going wrong.

You may even complain about how difficult it is to find good clients who pay you on time, as your previous employer did.

You might even consider returning to a safe and secure job.

What do you think is going on here?

You’re telling the Universe that you don’t believe things can get better. By focusing on them, you are reinforcing your current situation.

2. Work more hours

After complaining about your current situation for a while (using the example above to keep things simple), you may move on to the second negative attraction behavior, which is working more hours.

Because you can’t sign up more clients, you now start to compete by working more hours.

You are now isolating yourself from others because you are desperately trying to figure out how you will support your family on your current income.

You look within to try to find the answers.

Because your ego has been bruised by being passed over for lack of success, you become enraged with those who try to assist you.

3. Cutting back on expenses

Assume you’ve already complained and worked longer hours because you didn’t get the number of clients you expected.

The final negative attraction behavior is most likely what you will do: cutting back on expenses.

  • You will start to think about ways to save money. This will help you protect yourself and your finances.
  • You start cooking at home more often to save money, stop socializing with friends who spend lavishly, and cancel your expensive cable TV subscription.
  • You do all of these things (or don’t do them) because you feel it is your responsibility to keep your family together.

When something bad happens financially, we all tend to spend less at the moment, thinking it will make the situation and our financial lives better as a whole.

The difficulty with the three financial blocks I’ve just described is that they only exacerbate economic difficulties.

While it is natural to feel stressed about money, panicking and avoidance are not going to help you solve your financial problems.

You will have to take some risks and get out of your comfort zone if you want to avoid these money traps. In addition, you need to follow the three money attractors (How To Use Law Of Attraction For Money) that are described in the next chapter.

What Are Money Attractors?

The 3 money attractors may sound a bit strange at first, but I use them every day and can confirm that they work.

The three money attractors are, simply put, 3 steps that will assist you in bringing more income and achieving financial security rapidly.

They can help you to succeed, achieve financial independence, and manifest anything that you desire.

After all, the 3 money blocks probably haven’t been working for you up until this point

(Hint: because they never work for anyone).

So, why not see if the 3 money attractors can achieve the results that you’ve been waiting for instead?

Before we get into that, there’s one more thing.

Additional tips for keeping your energy and finances clear moving forward

Here’s what you should do next:

For today, though, here’s an exercise that you can try:

Between now and when you read the next section tomorrow, try to monitor your behavior and emotions carefully.

See if the 3 money blocks try to make their way into the picture.

Being able to identify the manifestation meaning behind these 3 things that can hinder your success can allow you to raise awareness, which can empower you to shift your perception about your money blocks.


Money blocks can severely hinder your manifestation success if you let them. The key is to identify these money blocks and work on releasing them.

This will allow you to clear the way for your manifestations to come through more easily.

3 of the most common money blocks are:

  1. Complaining about how bad things are
  2. Work more hours
  3. Cutting back on expenses

There are other, mental money blocks, that prevent the manifestation of money, which are:

  1. You believe that you’re not good enough or deserving enough to have more money.
  2. You think that having more money will make you a bad person.
  3. You’re afraid of what other people will think of you if you have more money.

If any of these apply to you, don’t worry!

You can shift your perception and overcome these money blocks by practicing gratitude, self-love, and visualization techniques.

By recognizing your money blocks, you can take the necessary steps to clear them and open yourself up to limitless abundance.

There are many limiting beliefs about money that you may need to work on to improve your relationship with money.



What are abundance blocks?

Beliefs that abundance is not possible for us are called “abundance blocks.” We develop these beliefs early in life, and they can be difficult to change. For example, say you grew up in a family where money was always tight. You may have developed the belief that money is scarce, and that it’s difficult to earn.

These beliefs can limit our ability to attract abundance into our lives. If we believe that money is hard to come by, we’re likely to experience more financial struggles. But if we believe that abundance is possible, we open ourselves up to more opportunities to receive it.

How can I clear my abundance blocks?

There are a few ways to clear your abundance blocks:

Become aware of the beliefs that are holding you back. Once you’re aware of your beliefs, you can begin to question them.

What causes financial blocks?

Fear or worry about money and how much we need to invest for our future requirements are the most common causes of money blocks. Your money blocks prevent you from having complete financial independence.

How can I release my fear of money?

By using positive affirmations, you can change the way you think and feel about money. When you repeat these affirmations often, they will eventually become your new belief system about money.

Some examples of positive affirmations about money are:

  • I am worthy of abundance and prosperity
  • I am confident and capable of handling money
  • I attract wealth and success easily
  • I release all fears and doubts about money
  • I am grateful for all the abundance in my life.

Read also: money affirmations

What are some other ways to clear my money blocks?

In addition to using positive affirmations, here are some other ways that you can clear your money blocks:

-Visualize yourself as a money magnet. See yourself attracting wealth and success easily.

-Meditate on abundance and prosperity. Focus on feeling grateful for all the good things in your life.

-Release any limiting beliefs about money. Write down these beliefs and then shred or burn the paper.

-Make a list of things you are grateful for. Include both material possessions and non-material things, such as good health, loving relationships, etc.

What if I still can’t seem to clear my money blocks?

If you’ve tried everything and you’re still struggling with money blocks, it’s time to seek out professional help. A certified law of attraction coach or therapist can help you get to the root of your money issues and find lasting solutions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it!

How do you break through money blocks?

One good way to break through your money block is to identify your money story. This is the story you tell yourself about money, and it’s often based on past experiences or beliefs you’ve learned from others. Once you identify your money story, you can start to challenge and change it.

For example, if your money story is “I’ll never be able to save enough money,” you can start to question that belief. Is it true or not? Then replace it with something more in alignment with what you want.

Is money energy?

In modern society, the physical power used is now replaced with paper money assigned a value, but the energy exchange is still the same. Money is simply energy. To get what we want, we trade our money (energy) for the value (energy) of something else.

What are abundance blocks?

Deep beliefs that abundance is not possible for us are called “abundance blocks.” We develop these beliefs early in life, and they can be difficult to change. For example, say you grew up in a family where money was always tight. You may have developed the belief that money is scarce, and that it’s difficult to earn.
These beliefs can limit our ability to attract abundance into our lives. If we believe that money is hard to come by, we’re likely to experience more financial struggles. But if we believe that abundance is possible, we open ourselves up to more opportunities to receive it.

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