Like attracts like meaning, which implies aligning your energy with whatever you desire or need in your life or business.

  • Money appears to be a natural affinity for some people.
  • Some people never have to worry about money, and they always manage to attract more of it.
  • But what if you don’t identify as one of those individuals?
  • What if attracting money is a difficult task?

The good news according to me, is that regardless of your current circumstances, you can work on yourself and improve your ability to attract more money, love, or whatever else your desire in life.

All you need is the appropriate mindset and the willingness to work on yourself.

So, keep reading if you’re ready to figure out how like attracts like works and start attracting more of what you want into your life!

But first, look at the like attracts like synonym and meaning of the word.

The Definition Of “Like Attracts Like”

The like attracts like law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, people can bring positive or negative experiences into their lives.

The law of attraction is not a new concept; it has always existed because it’s a universal law.

The idea behind it is simple: you attract what you focus on by becoming the thing that is the end result of what you want to have or be.

Examples of being:

  1. I’m wealthy
  2. I’m happy
  3. I feel good when

The saying originally meant that people similar to each other are drawn to each other.

It can happen in a romantic relationship or when trying to manifest your twin flame. Like attracts like in chemistry is when two introverts are attracted to each other, in a group of friends when they all tend to have the same values, or at work when people with similar views on business, politics, or other issues come together.

The definition has a second meaning that came about because people misquoted or misunderstood spiritual teachings. It can be used as a law of attraction or manifestation strategy.

As the adage goes, “If you think about something long enough, it will become manifest.”

So, you align your energy with something you want to manifest.

Three Steps To Being A Vibrational Match For Your Desired Outcome

Step 1: Think about your Thoughts and Beliefs

woman thinking and beliefs vibrational match

What you think positive thoughts or negative thoughts, and believe with emotion of those aspects, you begin to attract and create.

That is the origin of the expression.

Every phrase, thought, and sentiment we use impacts the world around us because of how we express our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

To attain your goal, you must first match your belief system with what you want. Without a complete agreement, people will subconsciously hold themselves back from achieving their objectives and dreams, no matter how hard they try.

To get wealthy, you must have the appropriate money beliefs.

It begins with believing in yourself and working toward your objective daily by making life decisions that support your aim of becoming financially secure!

If you believe that wealthy people are scam artists, this is an example of a belief that contradicts your objectives. Because no matter how much you want to be wealthy, you don’t want to become a crook. As a result, you will refrain from acquiring money.

Your subconscious mind’s goal is to protect you from the same fate. As a result, your conviction runs counter to your desire.

This conclusion effectively puts an end to the desire’s purpose.

Similarly, if you believe money is a limited resource, you will unintentionally limit your ability to accumulate riches. Even though you want to be rich, you are a kind person who doesn’t want to hurt others.

You can’t advance if you have an internal conflict. You’re not only holding yourself back, but you’re also sending the universe mixed signals.

So, how do you balance your beliefs with your desires?

You must first completely analyze all of your ideas before you modify those that do not serve your aims and vision.

Step 2: Align your Vibrations with your Desired Outcome

align your Vibrations with your Desired Outcome

So, how can you align your vibrations with what you desire?

As long as your thoughts and actions connect with what you want, you are a vibrational match for it.

The simplest method is to concentrate on being more like the person or thing we would most like to have in our lives.

First, you must be a vibrational match for anything you want to experience in life. Nothing will happen on earth unless an even greater force than oneself means it unless your beliefs and desires are aligned with the universal energy field known as vibration or frequency (which everything canalizes).

Because your frequency and everything you experience must be in tune, this is crucial.

Because everything is made up of vibrating energy, it has a certain frequency. For example, your kitchen table is made up of energy. Water contains energy as well.

You are a collection of energy.

In one way or another, everything is made out of energy.

Even your sentiments, ideas, and emotions are made up of energy!

Because you are a dynamic creature, your mood is the first indicator of your vibration at any particular time.

Establishing a link between two creatures also necessitates harmonic compatibility. You could conceive of it as an energy transfer, but more on that later. Like you, the things you seek have their own vibrations.

For the person you want to connect with to enter your life, you must match your frequency to theirs. You and your objectives have the same vibe. Which, like a magnet, will attract them (or you).

The law of attraction works in this manner.

Like attracts like and brings same or similar things together.

People and things are drawn to you by your vibratory energy. In other words, the things that come into your life are influenced by your vibration.

It’s best to vibrate with purpose because you can only attract things that resonate with your energy!

That is to say; you should do everything you can to feel happy (vibrate higher) as often as feasible.

Your vibration can be measured by how you feel. Your emotions are a direct reflection of your vibrational frequency.

When your vibration is high, you will feel emotions like love, joy, peace, happiness, forgiveness, and gratitude.

Negative feelings like despair, hatred, jealousy, rage, and hopelessness are common while you’re in a low vibrational state.

Once you understand this, you can utilize your emotions as a compass. Your dreams are the north star that points you in the right direction!

It’s how you’ll know if you’re moving closer to your goals. The closer you are to your goals, the more positive thoughts and emotions you have, and vice versa, the more negative thoughts you entertain, the further away you’re from living the life you want.

A person’s desire for something is usually based on how they anticipate it will make them feel. That’s why it’s so important to figure out why you want your desire to come true.

What will you think after you get it?

For a moment, consider what emotions you wish to satiate with your needs for a moment.

How will you feel when your dream comes true?

  • Abundant?
  • Loved?
  • Secure?
  • Successful?
  • Happy?

Once you know what feelings you want to bring out, you’ll be able to tell if your vibrations are the same as those feelings.

The secret to creating anything in life is to tune into its vibrational frequency by practicing the desired feeling.

The first step is to practice and feel the emotion. The next step is the manifestation you want.

If you wish to adopt a child, for example, your goal might be to give him or her a caring home. You want to adopt this child because it will make you feel brave, unconditionally loved, and content.

To become a vibrational match for that kid, all you have to do now is start practicing those emotions right away!

Look for areas in your life where you already feel like a hero, where you already practice selfless love, and where you already experience joy.

When you open the door for someone, you may feel like a hero. As a result, I started doing it more frequently. Perhaps you show your spouse your love in an unconditional way. Increase the frequency with which you express that emotion. Perhaps tennis is one of your favorite pastimes, and you enjoy participating in it. Play as much as you can.

Continue doing whatever makes you happy!

This is how you raise your frequency.

Even if you’re not focused on the exact item you want, focusing on anything that makes you happy will bring you closer to it.

For example, after establishing some level of vibrational match with your subconscious mind, you can generally anticipate being able to effortlessly attract whatever it is you wish—for example, a new career or whatever else you desire.

Using your imagination is another way to achieve energetic alignment with your aims.

Every night before you go to bed, make a mental note of how manifesting your dreams will feel when they are already true.

Fortunately, the brain has a hard time telling the difference between real and virtual reality.

As a result, when you picture what you want with strong enthusiasm, you will experience yourself dynamically. And eventually, your perceived reality will mirror your actual reality.

Step 3: Accept it Now

Accept it Now like attracts like

After you’ve cleansed away your old beliefs and begun vibrating at the frequency of your desires, all you have to do now is accept them.

Although it may appear simple, many people struggle to be in this receptive condition.

The creative process comes to a close with the receptive phase.

When you’re in that optimal state of happiness, you’ll be getting inspired ideas and impulses to help you achieve your goals.

On the other hand, the receptive mode is more of a sensation than an explanation. I’m sure you’ve had occasions where you just felt something rather than explaining it. After a nice run, you get that ecstatic feeling.

You know that everything is working out for you.

When you’re so close to achieving the objectives that you can nearly taste them.

  • It’s as though the fog in your life has lifted.
  • It’s airy and cheerful.
  • It appears that you are at the cutting edge of technology.
  • It gives me a sense of strength.
  • It appears that this fantastic accomplishment might be achieved in just 24 hours!

Be as receptive as possible by being as happy and rested as possible, feeling as good as possible, and having as much fun as possible.

Your happiness is what puts you in a receptive state.

Everything is ready for you now; all you need to do is be in the right frame of mind to receive it. Although it may not fall into your lap, ideas, desires, and hunches will come to you gradually over time.

Allowance is an acquired ability.

Being in a receptive state is the skill of allowing.

You must allow the cosmos to work its magic in order to practice the art of allowing.

It’s magical because it matches you with products, places, people, circumstances, and events that have vibrations that are similar to yours.

Allow things to happen naturally rather than forcing them.

That’s it!

That wraps up our look at the three most critical stages of making your wishes come true so quickly you’ll think it’s magic.

It’s not magic, though; it’s simply the manifestation of something you’ve been doing your entire existence on this planet but were never taught until now.

The only difference is that you know what you’re doing right now, and it’s intentional.

That is the essence of deliberate creation.

That’s why it works.

This is why you were created: to see your own power in action.


What are 5 Ways of Becoming A Match For What You Want?

  1. Be clear about what you want.
  2. Get rid of anything that’s standing in your way.
  3. Raise your standards.
  4. Take massive action.
  5. Believe that you can have it.


Being in a condition of alignment draws like-minded individuals or things into your life!

It all comes down to how you think, believe, and connect yourself with the outcome you desire!

Your thoughts have a lot of power, and if you’re always thinking about how to get money, your thoughts will find ways to make it happen.

Using your thoughts to attract what you desire is one of the most important things you must understand.

What you generate may not be to your liking if your mind is out of control.

This means that your mind will seek out whatever you think about the most.

When you have a positive attitude toward money, your mind will seek out good financial opportunities simply by being aware of them.

Some frequencies, such as complaining about not having money, creates that which you complain about.


Why does like attract like in chemistry?

In general, it’s because opposite charges attract one another and similar charges repel each other. This is known as the law of electrostatic attraction. For example, two positive charges will repel each other because they both have the same charge, whereas a positive charge and a negative charge will be attracted to each other due to their opposites.

What are the 3 laws of attraction?

The three laws of attraction are: 1) like attracts like, 2) opposites attract, and 3) the law of association. The first law states that similar objects or people will be drawn to one another. The second law states that opposite forces can attract each other. Finally, the third law states that when two objects or people are associated with each other they will be attracted to one another as well. These laws can be used to understand the behavior of magnets and electricity, as well as many other physical phenomena. In conclusion, the three laws of attraction are an important part of understanding how objects interact with each other in our universe.

Do likes attract or opposites attract?

The answer to this question depends on the context in which it is being asked. Generally speaking, likes attract and opposites attract. This is because of the law of electrostatic attraction which states that like charges repel each other while opposite charges attract one another.

What is the secret of like attracts like?

The secret of like attracts like is in the power of positive thinking. When you think positively, you attract positive energy into your life. Your thoughts become things, and as a result, happy and uplifting feelings can start to manifest into your reality. Similarly, negative thoughts can lead to attracting negative experiences or people into your life.

What is the likes attract hypothesis?

The likes attract hypothesis states that similar types of objects and people are more likely to be attracted to one another than dissimilar types. This is based on the idea that things with similar properties, such as those in a given group or category, will be drawn together due to their similarities.

Why Does like attract like polarity?

The fundamental answer to these questions why like attract like polarity is because of the law of electrostatic attraction. This law states that opposite charges attract one another and similar charges repel each other. This means that molecules with similar electronic configurations will be attracted to each other while molecules with different electronic configurations will tend to repel each other.

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