Why Is It Important To Be A Vibrational Match?

The law of attraction is all about aligning our vibrational frequency with our desired outcome. In order to attract what we desire into our life, we must first become a vibrational match to our desires. You can become a vibrational match to your goals by engaging in activities such as meditation, prayer, and gratitude. Some people improve their vibration by spending time in nature. This helps to raise our vibration.

Vibrational Match is defined as

The term vibrational match is used to describe the law of attraction in its purest form. We are a vibrational match to our desires when our frequency matches what we want in life. It means that our goals, dreams, ideas and emotions are attracting our desired outcome.

The term “vibrational match” refers to the process of achieving resonance with a specific frequency. When two things vibrate at the same frequency, their combined effect is greater than the total of their individual effects.

To build a vibrational match, you must first determine the frequency to which you want to attune. Some people use intuition. Others use instruments such as astrology, numerology or emotional healing. You can begin attuning yourself to the desired frequency through visualization, meditation, and affirmations once you’ve discovered it.

What Exactly Is Vibration?

Every thought, feeling, emotion, attitude, aim, and manifestation possesses an energy or “vibe.” (Think about how you can tell when someone next to you is angry without saying or doing anything.) A vibration is a feeling that something or someone possesses, and it pulls people, situations, ideas, and thoughts to it. If they are drawn to one another, thoughts/things with a similar “vibe” (within a comparable energy frequency range) or with the same goals are in tune(like attracts like). People who are in a good mood are usually disgusted by those who are in a poor mood (or vice versa).

Instead of dealing with people or situations, the pattern of vibrational match can be seen (which are made up of many thoughts and vibrational connections, as well as the ability to override their natural inclinations).

To understand vibration, consider this:

  • You are a huma being made of energy
  • Your thoughts become things
  • Everything vibrates at a specific frequency
  • Your thoughts and thinking also have a frequency
  • You attract things (people, circumstances, ideas) to you based on the vibrational frequency of your thoughts

You must adjust your thinking and emotional state if you want to change what you attract into your life. (which is to say, your vibrational match)

  1. A person that earns $50.000/year vibrates at different levels to someone else that earns $450.000/year
  2. To become vibrational match to your desire, you must be consumed by the idea of what you want to attract
  3. To become a vibrational match, you must become in sync with your vision

We can use vibrational match in our lives to help us get to the next level in our lives, by getting into alignment with what want.

Vibrational Match Statements

  • I am a money magnet
  • I attract wealth and abundance into my life
  • I am open and receptive to all the good that comes my way
  • My cup runneth over with prosperity
  • I am worthy of all my desires

These statements help us to become a vibrational match to what we want, by changing our energy and our thoughts.

You may also believe that if someone is wealthy, they would act and feel in this manner that reflects being a vibrational match to their desires.

  • I feel comfortable spending, using and having money.
  • I feel that there is an endless supply of money
  • I’m generous with my money.
  • I feel comfortable spending on things I want, without the guilt.
  • I’m grateful to have money while I spend.

It’s a good idea to go over any ideas or habits that are the polar opposites of what you want after you’ve finished this.

This helps you to concentrate on those thoughts and habits while going about your day.

Let’s move on to the next step in the belief-building process: raising your frequency to meet your desire.

Become A Vibrational Match

You must first elevate your frequency in order to become a vibrational match for what you seek.

There are numerous approaches, however the following are some of the most effective:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Love
  3. Generosity
  4. Meditation and Breathwork
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Eat High-Vibe Food
  7. Reduce or Eliminate Alcohol and Toxins from Your Body
  8. Think Positive Thoughts
  9. Consume High-Vibe Music, TV, Books, and Movies
  10. Surround Yourself with Beauty
  11. Go for a Walk Outside
  12. Be Sure Your Relationships Are Vibing High

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