These affirmations about money are perfect if you want to improve your money situation and perhaps even attain financial freedom.

Affirmations consist of phrases that aid in rewiring your brain. They help you to think more positively about money and abundance.

When you practice these money affirmations daily you will soon notice that you will start to attract wealth, prosperity and more money into your life.

The reality is that having the right mindset towards money can help you attract more money.

So let’s begin, shall we?


Why Are Money Affirmations Important?

Why do We Need Positive To Use Affirmations

We all have an inner dialogue in our minds.

This internal conversation can be either positive or negative depending on our experiences and current beliefs.

If our inner dialogue tends to be negative it can hinder us from achieving our goals and lead to feelings of self esteem.

Positive affirmations serve as a tool that allows us not only to control but also alter our internal dialogue.

By repeating positive statements and money related affirmations we gradually start believing them leading to noticeable changes in our lives.There are advantages to utilizing positive affirmations.

These include:

  1. Enhancing one’s self-confidence and self esteem levels.
  2. Improving the ability to concentrate and stay focused.
  3. Increasing the likelihood of achieving professional success.
  4. Becoming a magnet for abundance attracting money.


What Are Money Affirmations?

What Are Money Affirmations

Money affirmations are statements that can shift your mindset towards wealth. When you constantly repeat these money affirmations they have the ability to transform your relationship with money and manifest greater abundance in your life.

Here are a few examples of money affirmations that work:

  • I am a magnet for money.
  • I attract money easily and effortlessly.
  • Money flows to me in increasing amounts.
  • I am worthy of being financially abundant.
  • I am open to receive all the good that life has to offer, including abundance.
  • I release all resistance to wealth and success.
  • I am thankful for all the riches in the world

Do you know of any money affirmations that work instantly?

Neither do I.

What I do know though, is that if you choose an affirmation that resonates with you, and you are persistent, the results will come, eventually.

Read on for a list of money affirmations to help you attract all the money using a positive money mindset

Money Affirmations 

If you apply these money affirmations on a daily basis, your financial life will improve in unexpected ways.

  1. I am rich beyond my wildest dreams.
  2. I attract money in multiple ways, from unlimited sources, on a daily basis.
  3. I am financially supported.
  4. I allow money to flow into my life without resistance.
  5. I spend part of my money and enjoy it, without guilt.
  6.  I have a great work-life balance with my money: fun and enjoyment, with security and investment.
  7.  I am rich enough to last me a lifetime.
  8. It is safe for me to be rich.
  9. I have an abundance of money, and it’s always increasing.
  10. My money comes back to me repeatedly. I spend and save with ease.
  11. My past does not predict my future financial life. I am wealthy now.
  12.  I feel more and more abundant every day.
  13. I acknowledge the abundance all around me, and it grows.
  14. I’m grateful for all the ways in which I am currently supported.
  15. Money brings me freedom.
  16. I am worthy and deserving of huge amounts of money.
  17. I attract more money than in my wildest dreams.
  18. Money is safe in my hands.
  19. My wealth helps create great things in the world.
  20. I allow myself to dream big.
  21.  I feel secure knowing I will always have all the money I need.
  22.  I make great decisions around money.
  23. I attract money now, and it can show up in unexpected ways.
  24. I follow inspiration and heart-led ambition, which creates my rich life.
  25. The richer I am, the more good I can share with the world.
  26. I choose the path of least resistance. I let money flow to me.
  27. Money is neither good nor bad; it simply is.
  28. I release all negative conditioning around money and accept it as it is.
  29. Money comes to me. I do not need to push or strive for it.
  30. I relax, knowing that I always have the money I need.
  31. I find creative and fun ways to make money.
  32. I accept all forms of abundance in my life, knowing I deserve every bit.
  33. Money is simply another energy form that flows freely to and from me.
  34. Money is the world’s exchange system. There is nothing wrong with having money.
  35. I acknowledge and appreciate every single cent, and that helps my money grow.
  36. I am relaxed and fully supported.
  37. I release worries about money. I feel safe knowing there is always more than enough.
  38. I am tapped into the abundant flow of life, and that includes money too.
  39. I am well supported and financially stable.
  40.  I can’t always see the way, but I know money is there whenever I need it.
  41. Money comes to me with no effort at all.
  42. I deserve the best in life.


That’s the end of the list of money affirmations. Now, we will review how to use them in practical terms.

Powerful Money Manifestation Affirmations

By using these money manifestation affirmations you will start attracting more. You will start to receive more and more money. You’ll receive more from expected and unexpected channels of abundance.

  1. The more money I have, the more I can give.
  2. Money helps me create the world I want to live in.
  3. Money supports me so I can live my best life.
  4. Who better to have great riches than me?
  5. There are no limits to the money I attract.
  6. It is so freeing to live without worrying about money.
  7. I grow richer each day.
  8. I am financially abundant right now. I don’t need to wait for the future.
  9. I receive money from work, investments, gifts, prizes, and in surprising new ways.
  10. My life is rich with love, and money allows me the time to truly enjoy it.
  11. Money is available to me at all times, in unlimited ways and amounts.
  12. I am the same person with or without financial wealth, but money gives me freedom.
  13. I forgive others for doubting my ability to have financial freedom.
  14.  I am very wealthy and also enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. I do not have to compromise.
  15. I trust my inner knowledge around money. When I do, it multiples.
  16. It is easy to make money. I see opportunity everywhere I look.
  17. Each day I relax a little deeper into my financial freedom.
  18. I now allow all avenues of financial abundance to open up to me.
  19. I allow money into my life.
  20. I have no guilt in wanting and attracting money.
  21. I appreciate money for what it is, a vehicle for freedom.
  22. Money comes to me in unexpected ways.
  23. Making money is easy when I am in alignment with my highest truth.
  24. I release and attract money. It is a simple, continuous exchange.
  25. I have no doubts about the future. I am rich.
  26. I release any past guilt or shame around wanting money.
  27. I use my money wisely.

That’s the end of the list of money manifesting affirmations. Now, we start using affirmations to grow our long-term wealth.

Wealth Affirmations

Money and wealth are not the same thing. By using wealth affirmations you will change who you are in relation to money. As you change, new opportunities may come to you because being wealthy is an endless idea.

  1. It is okay for me to be wildly wealthy.
  2. My wealth does not detract from anyone else.
  3. I deserve to be wealthy.
  4. I let go of the past and today step into my wealthy new life.
  5. I am generous and give to others without conditions.
  6. I accept today’s wealth, whether big or small, as a sign of my growing fortune.
  7. I am what a rich person looks like.
  8. I release any stereotypes about wealthy people. I am rich, and I am me.
  9. I am only ever limited by my mind. Universal abundance is limitless.
  10. I never hold tightly to money as I know it comes back to me easily.
  11. Today is another day of my success story.
  12. Others are inspired by my financial success.
  13. Money is always there when I need it.
  14. I have fun and let money support my everyday needs.
  15. Money comes easily and often with little effort on my part.
  16. No matter how today looks, I know, without a doubt, I am financially wealthy.
  17. Amazing things happen to me.
  18. I expect and accept money miracles.
  19.  I allow myself to enjoy luxurious things.
  20. I am financially secure, and it makes me feel so free.
  21. I am thankful for the security and freedom that money has helped me with today.
  22. I was destined to be rich.
  23. I have always felt rich, yet now I also allow in great financial wealth.
  24. Money helps me take care of myself and others.
  25. Because I love myself deeply, I know how to accept money into my life.
  26. Good fortune and riches are drawn to me.
  27. I focus on the good I already have and request more to keep coming.
  28. I make money while I sleep.
  29. I find new ways to make money which are easy and enjoyable.
  30. I do what I enjoy, and I am rewarded well for that.
  31. It is healthy to want money as it provides support and freedom.
  32. I earn too much money.

How To Use Money Affirmations?

Powerful Money Affirmations

Consistency is key when it comes to affirming thoughts about money.

It’s best to repeat these affirmations on a basis.

The more you reinforce them, the greater the chance of embracing their power.

This newfound belief in abundance will pave the way for attracting wealth and financial prosperity.

By practicing this ritual every day we can gradually transform our mindset, emotions and actions towards money.

This government study discovered that repeating positive affirmations improves Self-Value and confidence as a reflection of the future-focused value.

Think about finding inspiration or motivation when it comes to money.

Imagine having more than enough money, too much money.

It’s astonishing how much wealth exists in the world!

If you don’t believe me, consider that the top richest individuals control 97% of all the wealth and abundance on this planet, leaving only 3% for everyone else.

Don’t stress about the specifics of how this will manifest; remember that money can come from both unforeseen sources.

Keep practicing gratitude for all the good things that you have in life, and more will be added unto you.

Do Money Affirmations Work?

Do money Affirmations Work

When you shift your perspective on money, you’ll notice a shift in your relationship with it, which will help you attract more of it.

In short, yes it works.

Many individuals unknowingly let their negative thoughts and emotions about money hold them back. However by affirming new beliefs we can overcome these barriers and expand our minds to new possibilities.

Money is a tool that has the potential to bring about change in the world. It’s not inherently evil or something to fear. There are opportunities for what can be accomplished with money.

It’s crucial to keep that in mind.

  • When you change your thinking about money, you’ll find that more opportunities open up to you.
  • At the end of the day, it’s up to you what you do with your money. You can use it to improve your life and the lives of others, or you can let it control you. The choice is yours.
  • I choose to use my money for good. I am open to receiving abundance in all forms, and I know that money is a powerful force for good in the world.


By practicing wealth and money affirmations you shift your mindset towards a positive outlook on finances and abundance. Consistently repeating these affirmations will lead to an increase, in both your bank account and overall wealth.

Is it possible to achieve financial independence through affirmations? They CAN, in fact.

It’s crucial to note, though, that this is typically the beginning of attracting opportunity, and it’s up to you to seize that opportunity and manifest more money.

You’re opening your mind to new possibilities and opportunities by repeating these affirmations. These money mantras can help you raise your money vibration and attract a more abundant and positive life.

So, if you want to be financially independent, start applying these powerful money affirmations right now!

If you enjoyed this article on money affirmations, please share it with others who may benefit from it. Also, check out my other articles on attracting wealth and prosperity into your life.

Thanks for reading!


What are the best affirmations for money?

This list is probably one of the most popular topics when it comes to affirmations.

So, here are some of the most popular money affirmations:

  • “I am a money magnet.”
  • “I am open to receiving abundance in all areas of my life.”
  • “I am worthy of prosperity and success.”
  • “I release all resistance to having more money.”

What can I say to attract money?

It’s not enough to have positive thoughts. To attract money, you need to take action on your beliefs about prosperity. For example, you can start by complaining that there’s too much money in the world, instead of complaining that there’s not enough. This, in turn, will start attracting more money and wealth and abundance.

How do you say money affirmations?

You say money affirmations with emotions , visualization, and through repetition.

Some people find it helpful to record themselves saying their money affirmations, and then listening to the recording on a regular basis. Others find it helpful to write their affirmations down and carry them around with them throughout the day.

Experiment and see what works best for you!

Say you money affirmations with emotion and passion!

Do money affirmations work?

The answer to that question varies depending on how you use affirmations. If you just repeat a money affirmation without taking any action, it’s doubtful that it will make an impact. However if you incorporate affirmations into a strategy to transform your financial mindset they can hold tremendous power.

How can I attract money immediately?

  1. Believing that you are deserving of pleasure is a necessary component of attracting money. You must believe that you are deserving of happiness in order to attract riches.
  2. Concentrate on what you have right now.
  3. End the cycle of learned helplessness.
  4. Believe in the influence of money.
  5. Study wealth.
  6. Give money away.
  7. Use money affirmations


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