6 Spirituality Statistics, Facts and Trends in 2023

Did you know that most people who identify as spiritual also believe in the existence of God?

Or that a vast number of them have a daily spiritual practice? Stats like these may surprise many, but they only serve further to underscore the importance and widespread appeal of spirituality.

So, what else do we know


Stats On Businesses With Highest Success Rate

What factors influence whether a company succeeds or fails? Which entrepreneurs make it… and which fail?

Those are the questions we will address in this post on “businesses with highest success rate”.

You’ll learn why businesses prosper or fail in the twenty-first century. According to experts, the following are the 47 most essential statistics on businesses with


New Years Resolutions Statistics (2022 – 2023)

The new year has arrived, which means it’s time for New year’s resolutions statistics again.

In  this post, we’ll take a look at

  • What percentage of new year’s resolutions fail
  • How big percentage of new year’s resolutions succeed
  • The most common new year’s resolutions
  • What percentage of new year’s resolutions fail by february
  • The most popular

Oligarchs Statistics and Facts in 2023

An oligarchy is a form of government in which a small group of individuals or oligarchs possess political power.

The term “oligarch” derives from the Greek word “oligarkhia,” which refers to “the rule of the few.” Oligarchs typically use financial means, such as contributing lavishly to politicians who rule in the oligarchs’ interests.

Oligarchs may also gain


80+ Debt Statistics and Facts in 2023

In 2022, citizens will continue to be burdened by debt, whether positive or negative.

The typical U.S. household’s debt is more than twice its annual income. Many families will likely spend their lifetimes trapped in a debt cycle at that rate.

The consequences of the recent epidemic outbreak are still being evaluated.

Following the devastation caused by this

21 Time Management Statistics For 2023

According to recent time management statistics, a remarkable amount of income producing time is lost in organizations.

Despite the fact that employees spend more than 40 hours on average at work every week, how much time they waste is remarkable. According to recent data on workplace time management statistics, some of the most time-consuming habits include


Follow Up Statistics in Sales and Marketing

Closing sales isn’t easy. According to follow up statistics, only 2% of sales occur during the first point of contact, on average. Even if you do one sales call or send one follow-up email, you could be losing up to 98 percent of your sales.

That is a significant amount of profit that is lost.

And on

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