51 Morning Routine Statistics That Make You Stronger, More Productive And Successful

Morning routines statistics that indicate things are going to change significantly over the next ten years.

According to a study by the international market research firm Euro monitor International, in 2022, more than 55% of people will skip breakfast, altogether.

Compared to 2018, when only 28% of people said they skip breakfast, this is a significant change.



The 27 Meditation Statistics You Need To Know

This is a complete guide on meditation statistics, popularity, industry and market size.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn:

  • What percentage of people meditate
  • How many people meditate each year/week/day
  • Does meditation work statistics
  • How many people use meditation apps
  • How much does meditation improve IQ
  • Is there any evidence

77 Brain Statistics To Help Us Understand How We Function

Many brain myths are debunked by these scientific brain statistics and facts. Learn how the brain works for the better (or worse). All information is derived from primary sources.

There are many false brain “facts” floating around. It makes sense; studying the human brain is one of science’s least explored areas. Even experts agree that we


23 Worldwide Saving Money Statistics (2023)

Saving money is important for a lot of reasons. For example, it can help you in case of an emergency, it can help you reach your financial goals, and it can provide you with a safety net if you lose your job or encounter other unexpected expenses.

It is always a good idea to save money


21 Success Statistics and Trends You Need To Know in 2023

What are the most successful companies doing differently today?

How will your industry change by 2024?

What percent of people are successful?

Check out these success statistics to stay ahead of the curve.

There is a lot of competition among firms in today’s market. Because many companies provide almost the same high-quality products and services at close to the


19 Fascinating Love Statistics in 2024

According to a Gallup poll, 52% of respondents said they believed in love at first sight. However, Helen Fisher, Ph.D., explains that we tend to fall in love with people under different circumstances, such as similar backgrounds, socioeconomic classes, shared values, aspirations, and even reproductive goals.

To navigate the changing landscape of personal relationships and set


9 Life-Enhancing Positive Mindset Statistics

Do you ever feel like you could use a boost of inspiration to get through the day?

This is where data on positive thinking come in. (Positive mindset statistics)

According to several recent studies, one of the essential things you can do for yourself is to cultivate a happy mindset through positive thinking.

You can begin to transform


Statistics on Remote Work Productivity in 2023

Productivity and Remote work is becoming more commonplace by the year.

In this post, we will examine productivity statistics on remote work productivity to determine the efficacy of working remotely.

People who dislike the routine and sterility of office life find the freedom to work whenever they want and with more flexible hours very appealing. Many employees


Procrastination Statistics, Facts, and Current Trends in (2023)

According to procrastination statistics, they are a common occurrence that can have negative consequences.

To put it another way, procrastination is defined as putting off doing anything until later to avoid or postpone it.

While it may appear to be a harmless act, procrastination can result in missed opportunities, decreased productivity, stress, and anxiety. In certain circumstances,


27 Life Coaching Statistics and Facts in 2024

What are the key life coaching statistics for 2023?

Coaches are in high demand, and there are numerous opportunities to assist individuals in achieving their goals.

If you’re a coach, researcher or a journalist, keep reading!

Key Life Coaching Statistics

  • In 2023, the coaching industry as a whole was valued at $5.34 billion globally.
  • Projections suggest
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