Everything we physically see is an effect and projection of subtle yet powerful invisible forces. – Abraham

Have you heard of the documentary/movie, The Secret? If you haven’t seen it, you should.


Two different versions of the The Secret documentary

Did you know that there are two versions of the Secret documentary movie? Yes, it’s true! There are two different versions… One has a “no holds barred” attitude, while the other does not.

The Secret movie was first published in 2006, and it is based on the best-selling self-help book written by Rhonda Byrne, who adapted the film with the same name.

the Movie.

The Secret

It’s a law of attraction movie based on the concept that says that thoughts can change a person’s life.

the book.

Self-Help Book

The book has been translated into 50 languages and has sold over 30 million copies worldwide.

Are “they” ready to hear this?

One feels you can handle the reality, while the other does not… One tells it like it is, while the other hides it… We’re going to reveal who this mystery teacher is and some of the greatest secret teachings in this post.

At first

The film was initially intended to be an Australian television series with only one teacher.

One teacher

It was going to be about this one “mysterious law of attraction teacher.”

But before the end

But just before the film’s release, another law of attraction instructor was added to complete it.

The TV show

The arrangement fell apart. Therefore, Rhonda and her investors turned it into a CD.

The movie started to sell

However, the secret teacher’s agreement prevented those sales, according to the production company.

Soon after the release

Rhonda wrote an email to the hidden instructor. Rhonda gave him an ultimatum.

In the email

Rhonda gave a stern ultimatum to this mystical instructor. 1) Give up all intellectual property rights, or 2) be cut from the film.

The secret teacher

The actor, on the other hand, chose to be dismissed and not sue.



According to inside sources, there was a second motivation. One theory is that investors compelled Rhonda to remove the secret teacher from her life. Because they assumed that the general public couldn’t handle the truth… They believed that the world wasn’t yet ready for this information… And thus, as a result of their fear, they concluded that if people found out about this secret law of attraction teacher, sales would plummet. This is not uncommon thinking. Oprah intended to invite this secret teacher to her program, as evidenced by the episode’s title. But she understood that her TV audience was not ready for the messenger or message, so she didn’t do it. She was also concerned that her audience would not be able to handle the truth. And this is why Oprah never invited this instructor to her television program. On the other hand, while on her radio show, Oprah did…

Who was the mystery law of attraction teacher? Please hold your breath while I count to three. One… two… three! The answer is none other than— Who could it be? Drum roll, please!

The Secret Teacher

The secret teacher is a woman named Esther Hicks. What is so controversial about Esther?

Esther is a medium who has claimed to be in direct communication with an entity named “Abraham.” That seems rather odd, doesn’t it? But let’s go on… Who is Abraham? According to Abraham, they are a group of non-physical beings. They claim to be able to assist us, humans, in determining who we truly are and how to utilize the powerful principle of attraction best… It’s natural that this just appears strange if you’re hearing about it for the first time! However, don’t forget that Abraham has a great reputation in the world of the law of attraction. The late Dr. Wayne Dyer was a big believer in Abraham, and he attended one of his seminars. In the early 2000s, Dr. Dyer was on the list of top ten spiritual leaders of the world, not to mention that he used to get into the hot seat at Abraham seminars and ask all sorts of questions. It does appear strange, doesn’t it? Here is a lady who has contacted an entity named Abraham! But Esther and Abraham are the keys to the mystery. Let’s dig deeper into who Esther and Abraham are…

Who are Esther Hicks and Abraham?

In 1980, Esther married Jerry Hicks, a successful entrepreneur who was always interested in personal growth. Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich was used by Jerry as a coaching tool for his students. But what he discovered was that some people had difficulty achieving their objectives and aspirations, while others did not. And that it made no difference how smart someone was or what their background was.

Jerry Esther Hicks (Abraham)

Channeling secret knowledge

In his mind, Jerry had a slew of questions about life…

Abraham later dubbed Jerry “The world’s greatest questioner”…

How did Esther start channeling? To sum up, a person who channeled informed Jerry and Esther that they were channels. To activate their capacity to channel, the channel instructed them to meditate. Both Jerry and Esther were taken aback by this because meditation was something they had never done before. This is an example of how you should use the technique to make your point. First, write a clear and simple message in your own words about what you want people to know. This will be easier to understand because it’s written in their language. And I’m not talking about the painful kind! She did not know of it… They both began to meditate, regardless… As soon as Esther started to practice meditation, she felt what she referred to as “pure delight.” She felt like something else was taking up residence in her head and body. She became good at channeling, from spelling words with her nose to typing on a typewriter to receiving sequences of ideas. Abraham answered every question that Jerry put to him. “Esther” thought it was fantastic, but she promised Jerry not to tell anyone! Since 1986, Esther and Jerry have traveled to the United States and other countries, conducting seminars in 60 cities each year. In 2013, Jerry died. Esther shuts her mind at the seminars to “go and get Abraham.” They typically address the audience for around 20 minutes once they are permitted into her thoughts. For the following several hours, they invite the audience to ask questions from a hot seat in front of them. Celebrities like actress Minnie Driver and Dr. Wayne Dyer have graced the hot seat. Oprah interviewed Esther while she channeled Abraham during her show earlier this year (2017). Consider the fact that there are numerous “secrets” within their teachings… Consider some of their “mysterious” instructions…

Secret Teaching #1:

You are an Extension of Source Energy This is a highly debatable topic! You are the source of energy for a physical body… Dr. Dyer used to say that you are a part of God. Does this sound accurate to you? What if it was true? How would your life be different if you discovered that this was true? Most of us have the misconception that we are not strong beings. The majority of us feel less than God or the Universe in terms of energy. And most of us consider ourselves inferior to others, much alone to source energy! However, according to Abraham’s teachings… The ethical principles that they teach, on the other hand, are contrary to this… They declare, regarding all humans: “You are God in man’s eyes.” And they claim that we are the spiritual world’s front edge, while not the other way around… Consider this notion for a moment… What if others convinced us to believe we are less than and not good enough for a reason? And what if that cause was to keep us in line? You may be asking, “But, how can it be possible that I am a portion of God?” Why can’t I do more amazing things as a source of energy or God? The answer to this question is quite complex… But here’s the simplified version… Your mindset about what is feasible may hinder or help you. Our society has conditioned us to believe in our limitations, especially since we were children. Our school system and society taught us to believe that we weren’t good enough. Our instructors made us feel stupid if we didn’t do well on a test. They also said that we weren’t quick enough if we were sluggish. We acquired numerous self-limiting notions throughout our childhood. Consequently, we developed several self-limiting beliefs that prevent us from being who we truly are… Beliefs are powerful. “Whether you think you can or cannot, you’re correct,” Henry Ford opined. “Whatever your mind can imagine and believe is achievable,” according to Napoleon Hill. Consider researching it further for yourself because this notion may appear difficult to believe. It’s a big topic, but Abraham covers it. There have been hints from the Christian Bible that you are a manifestation of source energy. One verse claim that if you can believe as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains… Another passage says that the Kingdom of God is within you… But why? The answer to this question might be found in a comment written by another person: “The Kingdom of God resides within you.”

Secret Teaching #2:

You Have Internal Guidance, Your Inner-Being You know that doctors will heal you if they can. And, again, at some level, you are aware of this fact. Intuition is a term used by mental performance experts. They will not tell you what it is or how it works. They don’t know. They just know that their clients are always in the best position to choose what is best for them. They don’t understand what it is they’re supposed to do. They just know that it’s not their responsibility to advise customers; rather, it’s up to them to persuade people to use their reason. It’s a natural ability, which is also known as your “gut feeling.” It’s also known as the heart, a higher self, or your soul. Let’s look at your own life to see if this is true… haven’t you ever known something without knowing it? Let’s assume you have a business associate. And let’s presume they come to you with some suggestions for how to boost the company. They suggest something that doesn’t feel correct to you. You know that it won’t work and that it’s bad advice, but you give the notion a try because you don’t want to hurt your business partner’s feelings. You should trust your gut. Later, though, the advice doesn’t work. It fails. Your intuition told you from the start that it wouldn’t work. You were well aware of it. But you went along with it anyhow… That’s your inner self talking to you, according to Abraham. The internal guidance system is now operating. This intuition is what Abraham refers to as your inner-being. According to Abraham, your inner-being is the real you – that part of you that knows everything. It’s about finding the other part of yourself, which knows who you are and helps you through your feelings. Your inner self communicates with you through your emotions. This is just one of many secrets. This means that your inner-self isn’t on board with what you’re thinking. Whatever you are thinking doesn’t match. And when you feel great, you’re in sync with your inner self. The internal guidance system employs an emotional scale. The emotional scale indicates how far off you are from being in tune with your inner self. This scale starts at: peace of mind enlightenment love joy passion and goes all the way down to… guilt regret depression The further down the list you go, the more distant you are from your inner being’s beliefs. Your inner-being knows everything that you desire, according to Abraham. It also knows how to get you there using the path of least resistance… Isn’t it wonderful, if true? And doesn’t it make you want to test it out? The wonderful element is that the more you trust your inner voice, the better the outcomes. To put it another way. You may receive messages through meditation and shutting your mind. These signals come from your inner self. However, it will also lead you through traffic or urge you to contact someone at the right moment, among other things. The universe’s energies are there to assist you in being, doing, and having everything you desire. Many laws of attraction instructors neglect this crucially important aspect… Consider another one of Abraham’s proverbs.

Secret Teaching #3:

Everything is Vibration! In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill writes about a “mysterious” secret. Researchers think he intended the book to a catalyst for more spiritual thinking by hiding the Secret inside it. This book was one that my father, Merritt Mathis, used to read. It’s a fantastic story, and each time I’m reminded of it, I fall in love with it again! He stated that he had never discovered the Secret. It was perplexing. He was looking for it and couldn’t find it. Later in his life, he came upon an unaltered version of Think and Grew Rich. What he learned was fascinating to him… The unabridged version contained the word “vibration” 37 times, but the published version did not. Furthermore, the cut edition had about 100 pages deleted… In other words, the public edition of this book conceals a crucial fact. The Secret was vibration. One of the most important lessons from Abraham is the subject of vibration. This lesson on vibrations is one of Abe’s main teachings. Without going into too much detail, there are quantum physics experiments to back up this idea. The “Observer Effect” is one example. Another is an experiment with entangled particles… These subjects are too complex to go into depth in this post, but the science is incredible. Abraham Teaches That Everything Is Energy, And Everything Is Vibration. We exist in a vibrational cosmos. Our sense of smell, touch, sight, hearing, and taste allows us to interpret vibration. We may be so adept at interpreting vibration that we are unaware of it! However, the fascinating thing they teach is that our thoughts and emotions are also vibrational. We can bring whatever we want into our lives by using the power of attraction. All we have to do is ask, and it will be supplied… We may attract anything we desire by applying the law of attraction. This is a huge subject, and all you have to know is that an essential thing to do is feel good. You improve your vibration when you feel good. You attract the people, circumstances, and events into your life that you want when you raise your vibration. That’s all there is to it…


In conclusion, the true story of The Secret is about a person who wanted to declare something to the world. The powers that be kept this knowledge hidden. However, she discovered that the public was not yet ready to expose the Secret. Investor pressure and anxiety over public opinion compelled the true Secret to be removed… It’s the ultimate in irony. The film’s main message was to expose a truth about which it was attempting to warn us, but it suppressed that truth instead. However, all of that suppression made the real Secret much more appealing and intriguing… The bottom line is that Abraham is the Secret behind The Secret…

You have an internal guidance system known as your inner-being. You are an extension of the energy that exists in everything. All things are in motion.

Now you know the keys to the magic…


Is there a documentary on The Secret?

There is, in fact, a documentary on The Secret. The documentary interviews individuals from all walks of life- ranging from scientists to everyday people- about the impact of the law of attraction on their lives. It also explores the history of the law of attraction, tracing its origins back to early philosophers and religious texts. Although it does not prove that the law of attraction works, the documentary provides a fascinating look at how this belief system has affected people throughout history. If you’re interested in learning more about the law of attraction or simply want to hear some interesting stories, this documentary is definitely worth watching.

What is The Secret on Netflix about?

The Secret on Netflix is a documentary that explores the idea of the law of attraction. The film interviews several successful people who credit their success to using the law of attraction. The law of attraction is the belief that if you focus your thoughts and energy on what you want, you will attract it into your life. The Secret claims that this is a universal law that everyone can use to create the life they want. Some of the people featured in the film include Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, and Joe Vitale. They all share their stories of how they used the law of attraction to achieve success. Some have praised the Secret as an inspiring film that provides hope and motivation, while others have criticized it for being unrealistic and promoting pseudoscience. Either way, it is an interesting documentary that is definitely worth watching.

Is The Secret a movie or documentary?

The Secret is a law of attraction movie and documentary released in March 2006. The movie claims that “like attracts like” shows how people can use this principle to manifest their desires. The documentary interviews several New Thought teachers, including Abraham-Hick’s co-founder Esther Hicks, who discusses the law of attraction. While there is some debate over whether or not The Secret is an accurate portrayal of the law of attraction, the film has been credited with popularizing the concept and helping to make it more mainstream.

What is The Secret in the movie The Secret?

The 2006 film The Secret purports to reveal the “secret” to achieving one’s goals in life. According to the film the Secret is the Law of Attraction, which states that like attracts like and that positive thought can attract good experiences and outcomes into a person’s life. While the movie has been criticized for its simplistic portrayal of the Law of Attraction, its message of positivity and self-empowerment has resonated with many viewers. The Secret has also been popularized by several self-help books and seminars, helping to spread its message to a wider audience. Whether or not its claims are supported by scientific evidence, The Secret provides an intriguing perspective on the power of positive thinking.

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