Abraham Hicks (Abe)

Esther Hicks is credited with connecting to the collective wisdom of a higher source known as “Abraham”. This entity speaks through her, and Jerry and Esther Hicks believe this comes from a set of energetic forms which she interprets. Abraham, the collective consciousness from a non-physical dimension, selflessly refers to themselves as such. What’s more, Abraham Hicks has declared that they and we are the same. We all have a distinct core, which fulfills our faith. Esther was told by Abraham Hicks that the most opportune time to be truly authentic is when we feel intensely passionate, joyful, or loving emotions.

The Definition of Entities

Beings that exist away from our world are called entities. We use words like ghosts, spirits, or angels when we talk about them. Most of us learn that everyone is their entity and our body is the thing we use to experience life on Earth.

What Is the Non-Physical Dimension?

An alternate realm, invisible to the naked eye but integral to our deepest thoughts and feelings exists. This is known as the non-physical dimension. We can travel there in moments of dreaming or creative thought; an inviting place where memories come alive and imaginations take flight!

Entities that do not occupy the physical world are termed non-physical entities. Humans have traditionally referred to them as ghosts, spirits, or angels when they witness such phenomena. We have been taught to believe that each person is distinct and our bodies simply serve as body vessels for us to experience life on Earth.

Emotional Guidance System

Emotions are a person’s internal guidance system that indicates how close or far they are from how their Source feels about a particular area of emphasis. They serve as an indicator of this proximity or distance. The purpose of this life is to have pleasure and take it easy.

Since 1985, the core of Abraham Hicks’s teachings have been summarized and presented in the following way:

  • Individuals are extensions of the non-physical
  • According to Abraham Hicks we are in our bodies because we chose to be there.
  • The goal of life is happiness; the purpose of life is to be happy, and the aim of life is development and growth.
  • People are creators since they use their thoughts, attention, and frequency to produce.
  • Whatever people can imagine vividly with emotion is theirs to have, do, or attain.
  • Individuals select their projects according to their interests.
  • Emotions indicate what people are creating—consciously or unconsciously.
  • People adore the universe; it understands their broadest aspirations.
  • Individuals are encouraged to take a moment to relax in their natural state and realize that everything is OK.
  • Life is not meant to be a fight but a process of allowing. See also the Art of allowing.
  • People are the architects of “throughways” on their unique “journeys of delight.”
  • Material things such as money, relationships, and lifestyle success are merely the by-products of concentration on happiness.
  • Individuals may pass from their bodies without feeling sick or in pain.
  • It is a fact that people cannot perish; their lives are eternal. The physical body of a person does not terminate his or her existence.
  • The universe’s nature is life-affirming. It is infinite, creative, and growing.
  • By properly aligning oneself with a desire, any want may be satisfied.
  • People are not only a part of the cosmos, but they are also its foundation, says Abraham Hicks.

Initially outlined in William Walker Atkinson’s book titled “Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World,” the principle of attraction is at the heart of Abraham Hicks’s work. It serves as one of the book’s primary focuses (1906).

Abraham hicks law of attraction

Abraham Hick’s law of attraction is simple. They teach that like attracts like and that by focusing on positive thoughts and feelings, you can bring about positive experiences and outcomes in your life.

Abraham Hicks has always regarded the Law of Attraction as their main foundation and guiding principle. It is a powerful concept, capable of unlocking the secrets to understanding how we can use cosmic forces for our benefit. To follow in this great master’s footsteps, it is essential to learn and put into practice this fundamental law that governs existence.

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Conversations with Abraham Hicks

Interacting with Abraham Hicks is an extraordinary experience. These recorded telephone sessions offer a platform to ask questions about numerous areas of life, such as the law of attraction, relationships, physical and emotional health, and career and business advice – all answered by what some estimate to be a collective non-physical being known as Abraham.

Abraham-Hicks captures these interactions in transcripts, audio recordings, and books for the public to access.

For decades, Abraham Hicks has been offering his empowering sessions to those seeking guidance in their lives. In the past several years, this practice has become more popular as many individuals have shared amazing stories of how Abraham helped them unlock life-changing insights on applying the law of attraction for personal growth and success.

If you haven’t yet explored Abraham Hicks or the law of attraction, I highly suggest perusing one of their books or transcripts to get started.

Abraham Hicks on Youtube

What is the Most Important Part of Abraham Hicks’s Message?

  1. Unconditional love and acceptance without any expectations propel me to continue giving attention to their advice. Throughout my existence, I have been engrossed in the study of uplifting, invigorating, and spiritual teachings. After extensive research, I have become well-versed in the major religions across the globe, an array of new-age faiths, renowned philosophers and psychologists from all eras, celebrated authors, and countless influential speakers. Of all the spiritual leaders who promote messages of positivity, encouragement, and self-love, Abraham Hicks stands out to me as being particularly influential.
  2. Regardless of our wishes, we’re all searching for the feelings associated with them rather than what has desired itself. No matter which emotions we seek to obtain, that remains true in all cases. If you are under the impression that the Law of Attraction or Abraham Hicks was a self-centered and materialistic philosophy, this one might make you rethink that. I don’t think the significance of the message dawned on me until I had heard many of her lectures under my belt. Slowly, I realized that genuine, unconditional love and acceptance do not criticize us in any way, even our goals and aspirations toward worldly things. Despite everything, it loves us.
  3. The cause of all of our anguish is the sloppy or incorrect thinking that we have. Others have discussed this fundamental reality before Abraham-Hicks. Hence he is not a pioneer in this field. Through the teachings of Buddha and other ancient religions, people have been learning for thousands of years that we can eliminate the pain and suffering that we go through in our lives if we can align our thinking with the fundamental nature of the universe. This idea has been passed down from generation to generation. While strategies for correcting faulty beliefs may differ from educator to educator, the general message remains unchanged. If we persist in maintaining certain ideas and emotions, along with the actions that come from them, then we will either be rewarded with relaxation and its associated advantages or experience the exact opposite.
  4. We refused to accept the given reality and instead chose to craft our own. At first glance it may sound outlandish, but can you and I modify how things are? Abraham Hicks claims that the only truth for me is “my”; hence there isn’t any other feasible possibility.The same is true for you as well. I can’t alter the way things are right now, and I surely can’t change anyone else, but I can change the way things appear to me in my head. This is something I have complete control over. And the degree to that I can accomplish that, the more I can build my unique reality and the future that corresponds to it. Although I can’t repel bullets with my hands and defy gravity, I have the power to shape how I perceive any situation that arises during my lifetime. This includes how deeply an experience impacts me and what meaning it holds for me.
  5. Our ultimate purpose here in this world is to create a harmonious bond with our Creator. At first, I thought Abraham Hicks was all about glorifying myself; but then, I realized it was teaching me how to live in harmony with my Source and be at peace within.This is something I’ve addressed earlier. As I listened to their message more and more, my understanding of what they teach became clearer and clearer. As children, we are taught that the government knows best. If we do not abide by their rules, society will consider us misguided or wrong.We may even be labeled as sinful or evil. From a tender age, we are accustomed to hearing the same message – if we do not adhere to what our parents encourage us to do, unfavorable consequences will await. This is a notion that is widely believed and disseminated within many educational systems, through numerous spiritual doctrines, among our peers, and throughout society altogether. We are programmed repeatedly that if we want to be loved, have friends, be successful, and even go to paradise, we must play according to the rules and commandments set up by “other people” and “institutions.”

Other definitions

Source Energy is a term that’s sometimes used interchangeably

The term “vortex” was coined by Abraham to refer to a person’s

The Definition of downstream is the direction in which water flows.