“Ask and It Is Given” is a self help book authored by Esther Hicks and her late spouse, Jerry Hicks.

This book explores the concepts of the Law of Attraction which proposes that by directing our attention towards thoughts and emotions we can manifest transformations, in our lives.

  • The book has received acclaim for its applicable guidance on manifestation making it a favored source, for individuals seeking personal growth.
  • The book is split into 22 chapters with each chapter delving into a facet of the Law of Attraction. At the start you’ll find an introduction, to the Law of Attraction and an explanation of its mechanisms.
  • As you progress through the chapters you’ll receive guidance on how to effectively apply the Law of Attraction to bring forth your desires.
  • Throughout the book Esther Hicks acts as a conduit for the wisdom and teachings of Abraham, a physical entity who offers valuable insights and advice, on how to manifest what you truly want in life.

In general “Ask and It Is Given” is a tool, for individuals seeking to enhance their lives and accomplish their objectives. Whether you desire to attract abundance enhance your well being or discover love this book offers guidance and activities that can support you in attaining your aspirations. With its straightforward and easy to understand writing approach “Ask and It Is Given” is highly recommended for those intrigued by the Law of Attraction and the influence of thinking.

Authors’ Background

Ask and It Is Given is a book authored by Esther Hicks and her late husband Jerry Hicks. Esther Hicks, a speaker and writer was born in 1948 in Coalville, Utah. With her husband Jerry Hicks they co wrote nine books before his passing in 2011. Esther Hicks conducts workshops, on the Law of Attraction. Even made an appearance, in the release of the film titled The Secret.

Jerry Hicks, from Texas was born in 1927. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur he had a background, as a circus acrobat and musician. In the year 1980 he crossed paths with Esther and their shared journey led them to delve into the teachings and exploration of the Law of Attraction. As collaborators they co wrote books together including their work titled Ask and It Is Given initially released in 2004.

The teachings of the Hicks revolve around the concept that individuals have the ability to bring their desires into reality by embracing thoughts and harnessing the Law of Attraction. According to them all things, in the universe consist of energy and people can utilize their thoughts and emotions to draw experiences and material possessions, towards themselves.

The work of the Hicks has received both praise and criticism. Many individuals have found their teachings to be empowering and transformative while others have voiced concerns, about the oversimplified concepts they promote regarding the nature of reality. Despite these differing opinions the Hicks have managed to cultivate a following, with their books and workshops remaining popular among those seeking growth and spiritual development.

Overview of Ask and It Is Given

Ask and It Is Given is a self help book authored by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Its main focus is, on the law of attraction. Provides guidance, on utilizing it to manifest ones desires. The book draws inspiration from the teachings of Abraham, a “physical” entity that the authors claim to have channeled.

The book is structured into 22 chapters, where each chapter consists of a set of activities or exercises specifically crafted to assist readers in implementing Abrahams teachings into their lives. The chapters are arranged in an order with each subsequent chapter expanding upon the preceding one resulting in a framework, for bringing ones dreams to life.

The book covers ideas. It emphasizes the significance of focusing on our desires than our dislikes recognizes the role of emotions, in making things happen and highlights the power of gratitude in attracting abundance. Additionally the authors emphasize that it’s crucial to take action, towards our goals than solely relying on visualization and positive thinking.

In general Ask and It Is Given presents a rounded manual, on the law of attraction. It offers readers techniques and activities to bring their desires into reality. Regardless of whether you seek to enhance your relationships being or financial status this book provides a path, to achieving success and abundance in every aspect of life.

Key Concepts and Principles

Law of Attraction

The main idea, in “Ask and It Is Given” by Esther Hicks revolves around the Law of Attraction. This concept suggests that our thoughts and emotions have the power to bring negative experiences into our lives. According to the book, when we concentrate on thoughts and feelings the universe responds by bringing positive experiences our way. Essentially the Law of Attraction operates on the principle that similar thoughts and emotions attract experiences into our lives.

Emotional Guidance System

The Emotional Guidance System, introduced in the book “Ask and It Is Given ” serves as a tool for individuals to gain insight into their emotions and how they can leverage them to invite experiences into their lives. This system encompasses a range of emotions spanning from ones such, as fear and anger to ones, like joy and love. According to the book our emotions act as a compass allowing us to discern whether we are attracting negative experiences. When experiencing emotions it suggests that we might be drawing in encounters whereas positive emotions indicate that we are likely attracting positivity.

Art of Allowing

The Art of Allowing involves the practice of releasing resistance and embracing experiences, in ones life. It centers around the belief that resistance, like thoughts and emotions can hinder a person from attracting encounters. According to the book by relinquishing resistance and directing attention towards thoughts and emotions individuals can invite experiences to manifest in their lives. The concept of the Art of Allowing encourages placing trust in the universe and having faith that positive experiences will arrive even if they are not yet visible, to us.

“Ask and It Is Given” by Esther Hicks provides insights, on harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction to manifest experiences in ones life. The book introduces concepts, like the Emotional Guidance System and the Art of Allowing, which empower readers to comprehend how their thoughts and emotions can influence their ability to attract positivity. By cultivating a mindset of positivity and releasing any resistance individuals can intentionally draw the experiences they genuinely desire into their lives.

Practical Tools and Exercises

Esther Hicks book, Ask and It Is Given goes beyond providing knowledge, about the Law of Attraction. It offers readers tools and exercises to manifest their desires and accomplish their goals. Lets delve into some of the tools and exercises discussed in the book.

The Creative Workshop

The Creative Workshop is a tool that assists people in clarifying their aspirations and forming an comprehensive vision of what they wish to bring into existence in their lives. It entails constructing a depiction of ones desires using pictures, images and words. This tool aids individuals in directing their thoughts and energy towards their aspirations effectively communicating their intentions to the universe.

The Prosperity Game

The Prosperity Game is an impactful activity that assists people in enhancing their mindset of abundance and prosperity. It entails envisioning oneself with an amount of money and using it to engage in joyful spending. This practice aids individuals in shifting their attention from scarcity to abundance attracting prosperity into their lives.

The Process of Meditation

Meditation is a technique that enables individuals to calm their minds and establish a connection, with their inner selves. It entails finding an cozy spot, where one can concentrate on their breath or a chosen object. This method assists individuals in letting go of any resistance, thoughts and harmonizing with their aspirations and the world, around them.


Impact and Influence

Esther Hicks book, “Ask and It Is Given ” has had an influence, on individuals. It offers readers a roadmap, for bringing their desires into reality through the power of the Law of Attraction. This law centers around the notion that cultivating thoughts and emotions can draw experiences and outcomes into our lives.

Esther Hicks in collaboration, with her husband Jerry Hicks penned the book under the guidance of an entity referred to as Abraham. The book imparts knowledge to readers on how to harmonize their thoughts and emotions with their aspirations thereby attracting desired outcomes in life. It has garnered acclaim, for its approach and accessible language that resonates with an audience.

The book has had an impact, on individuals inspiring them to assume command over their lives and concentrate on the optimistic aspects of life. Its influence extends to helping readers release thoughts and emotions while directing their attention towards their aspirations. Moreover the book has played a role, in assisting readers in conquering self imposed limitations and cultivating a mindset.

In general Ask and It Is Given has made a difference in the lives of individuals. It has assisted readers in bringing their aspirations into reality and leading a existence. This book is highly recommended for those seeking to seize command over their lives and manifest their wishes.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

“Ask and It Is Given” by Esther Hicks is a self help book that offers a framework, for development and accomplishment by leveraging the power of the law of attraction. The book is split into two sections, where the initial part delves into an explanation of the principles, behind the Law of Attraction while the latter section provides guidance through twenty two distinct “processes” aimed at enhancing ones vibrational energy.

In general the book provides an outlook, on development and achievement offering tangible strategies for readers to implement these ideas in their own lives. The books focus on the significance of thoughts and visualization serves as a reminder for readers to concentrate on their desires rather, than their fears or negative aspects.

One of the things, about this book is how easy it is to understand. The language used is clear and simple making it accessible, to an audience. Moreover the books organization and structure are designed in such a way that its effortless to follow along and put the concepts into practice.

However certain readers might perceive the books emphasis, on entities and teachings channeled from them as a downside. Not all readers may connect with the authors assertion of having received teachings from a collective of entities called “Abraham.”

In general “Ask and It Is Given” is a book, for individuals seeking to enhance their lives and attain growth and success. While not everyone may resonate with the aspects presented in the book, its practical techniques and emphasis, on thinking make it a worthwhile read.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Esther Hicks?

Esther Hicks, a educator, writer and speaker collaborated with her late husband Jerry Hicks to co author the widely acclaimed book “Ask and It Is Given.” She has gained recognition, for her teachings, on the Law of Attraction and her remarkable ability to connect with a collective of beings referred to as Abraham.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is an accepted concept that explains how similar things tend to be drawn. It implies that our thoughts and emotions hold sway over our experiences enabling us to bring about results by directing our attention towards optimistic thoughts and emotions.

What is the book Ask and It Is Given about?

“Ask and It Is Given” is a self help guide that offers insights, on utilizing the Law of Attraction to bring our desires. This book is structured into 22 chapters each dedicated to exploring facets of the Law of Attraction. It presents readers with exercises and techniques that can be applied in day, to day life for transformation.

What are the teachings of Abraham?

The teachings of Abraham comprise a series of lessons that flow through Esther Hicks. It is believed that Abraham represents a collective of beings who provide insights and counsel, on subjects such, as the Law of Attraction interpersonal connections, well being and prosperity.

How did Jerry Hicks contribute to the book?

Jerry Hicks collaborated with Esther Hicks to write the book “Ask and It Is Given” which played a role, in introducing the teachings of Abraham to an audience. Jerry also worked alongside Esther as a co author for books and played an integral part, in their workshops and seminars.

What is the significance of the book?

“Ask and It Is Given” has gained popularity as a self help book. Is widely regarded as a timeless gem, in its genre. The valuable insights it offers on the Law of Attraction and the transformative influence of thinking have positively impacted individuals empowering them to enhance their lives and bring their aspirations to fruition.

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