“Whenever I Feel Abundant, Abundance Finds Me” Abraham, The Secret


When you start recognizing the correlation between how you feel and the results in your life,  you are then able to make changes.

If you fail to make this connection and instead dwell on feelings of scarcity. Your desires will remain out of reach.

11 Reasons or Excuses for not thriving

Many individuals tend to attribute their lack of success to outside factors. Trying to find reasons why they are not flourishing as they desire:

  1. I’m not thriving because I grew up in an unfavorable environment.
  2. I’m not thriving because my parents didn’t succeed and couldn’t guide me on the path to success.
  3. I’m not thriving because I’m afraid to take risks
  4. I’m not thriving because I don’t feel confident enough
  5. I’m not thriving because those individuals over there are flourishing. They are taking away resources that should have been mine.
  6. I’m not thriving because I’ve been deceived
  7. I’m not thriving because I do not feel worthy
  8. I’m not thriving because I have made mistakes in my previous life
  9. I’m not thriving because my government neglects my rights
  10. I’m not thriving because I don’t have the right education (this is my favourite excuse)
  11. I’m not thriving because my spouse doesn’t fulfill their responsibilities

And the list goes on…

It’s important to remember that when you feel like things aren’t going well, then stop yourself.

It’s because your energy is not aligned with the energy of success, and you may not have already developed a prosperity consciousness.

You’re not a vibrational match to your desires. (Like attracts like)

If you’re stuck in a mindset of lack and scarcity you won’t be able to attract abundance into your life.

To experience abundance – you need to shift your vibration. Then to align yourself with the frequency of abundance.

How do I know what my vibration is?

One of the methods to know whether you are resonating at a “high frequency” or a “low frequency” or an “abundance frequency” is by being mindful of your physical sensations.

  • Do you feel fearful about money or empowered?
  • Do you experience a sense of lightness, vitality, clarity and well being?
  • Do you experience unlimited potential, unlimited resources and flow?

What are your answers?

Write them down.

How can I change my abundance vibration?

Many people often wonder, “If I’m not already thriving how can I emit a vibration of thriving?

Shouldn’t I thrive first before being able to emit such a vibration?”

  • We agree that it’s much easier to maintain a state of thriving when you’re already experiencing it.
  • In that case, all you need to do is acknowledge the positive things happening. Your awareness of them will attract positivity.
  • If you find yourself lacking something you desire you must find a way to feel its essence. Even before it materializes; otherwise it cannot come into your life.
  • It’s not enough to offer your energy in response to what currently exists. Then to expect things to change.

You have to find a way of feeling excitement or satisfaction for the dreams that have yet to become reality.

Take the time to imagine scenarios with the purpose of emitting a specific vibration. Then to allow the Law of Attraction to align that vibration with real life manifestations of abundance.

Focus on what you can control

When you spend too much time requesting things that are not in alignment with your vibration, you are not only asking for the impossible, you are more likely to magnify your feelings of helplessness.

Focusing on those reasons why you’re not thriving only leaves you feeling more defeated.

However, when you are open and committed to emitting the vibration before the manifestation, all things are possible.

This is a principle of the Universe.

Living intentionally requires thinking intentionally. 

To achieve this, it’s important to have a reference point to guide your thoughts in the right direction.

At this moment like when you were born two essential elements are already in place.

The Law of Attraction which is the powerful and consistent law in the universe is abundant.

Additionally, your inner guidance system is within you ready to provide you with feedback and direction.

There’s one seemingly small, but potentially life changing action you need to take;

 Start telling your story in a new way—tell it as you want it to be.

As you narrate the story of your life (which you do every moment through your words, thoughts and actions) it’s crucial to feel good while doing so.

In every moment and on every topic there is a choice between focusing positively or negatively.

You can keep thinking, talking and worrying about what is lacking in your life.


You can start thinking, talking and focusing on what your ideal life looks like.

As you come across these two choices –  you have the freedom to decide – whether to focus on what you desire or the absence of it, this is valid for any situation in your life.

This is because each situation can be viewed as consisting of two aspects; what you want or the lack thereof.

By paying attention to your emotions you can determine which choice you are currently focused on and have the ability to switch between them constantly.


We have discussed 3 things in this article on 11 reasons why abundance struggles to find you.

  1. When you start recognizing the correlation between how you feel and the results of abundance in your life,  you are then able to make changes.
  2. The excuses holding you back from manifesting abundance and money.
  3. How to change your vibration by creating a new story about your life, as you want it to be.


petri maatta, CEO
Petri Maatta

Petri Maatta is a photographer, filmmaker, and webdesigner who has been working for over 20 years in the creative industry. Fascinated by manifesting for business reasons, Petri was determined to find out what it took to create success. He started his career with seven years of business failures before he found success by learning about manifesting from a mentor with a Fortune 500 company. Today Petri shares his knowledge through DreamMaker courses designed to help people change their businesses and lives while living on their terms.

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