The meaning of synchronicity is a concept developed by the philosopher Carl Jung to describe two events being linked or synchronous. He thought there were no coincidences in Life, and each occurrence has a purpose.

Read on to explore how to increase your awareness of synchronicity in daily Life.

The term “synchronicity” is sometimes used to describe the phenomenon of two or more events occurring at almost the same time. This post will go through how synchronicity happens, so we’ve asked experts in the field for some pointers on recognizing it.

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When you have a goal or intention, you start working towards it.

Then, when you’ve set goals, synchronicity happens:

  • You run into an old friend while out and about
  • You start seeing positive things happening to you more often
  • Your intuition becomes stronger
  • Keep running into the the same person over again? 
  • Meet someone and feel an instant connection?
  • Start seeing repeated number sequences?

These are all examples of synchronicity.

What is the Meaning of Synchronicity in your Life?

What is the Meaning of Synchronicity in Your Life

Some people believe that synchronicity is a message from the Universe. Others see it as a way to manifest your desires. Either way, it’s a powerful tool that can help you create the Life you want.

When you’re tuned into synchronicity, you start to see the world in a new light.

The Universe begins to feel like a friendly place conspiring to help you. That feeling of being supported by the Universe can be incredibly empowering.

Do synchronistic events happen by chance?

Many people believe that synchronicity is just a coincidence. But there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that it’s much more.

For example, studies have shown that people are more likely to have synchronistic events when thinking about something. This suggests that there’s a connection between our thoughts and the Universe.

Other research has shown that people who are more open to new experiences are more likely to have synchronistic events. This could be because they’re more attuned to the subtle signals the Universe sends them.

So, it seems like there’s more to synchronicity than just chance.

We know that synchronicity refers to random events that are seemingly unrelated but occur simultaneously.

  • Not everyone knows how to recognize these patterns, but learning is possible.
  • We also know that the law of attraction refers to the pull our inner mind has on the Universe that results in what we experience as our reality.

So, how can these two things be connected?

It’s all about energy. Our thoughts and feelings are energy. They emit a frequency that attracts experiences with the same vibration. So, you’re more likely to attract stressful situations if you’re feeling anxious or down.

How can we become aware that these two ideas work together?

When we search for answers, it can be helpful to consider what experts have to say about the relationship between the law of attraction and synchronicity.

Before we dig into that, let’s establish a formal definition of synchronicity.

What is the Definition of Synchronicity?

What is the Definition of Synchronicity

Psychotherapist Carl Jung coined the term synchrony (syn = with, Chronos = time) to describe the coincidence of events (or coincidences) that seem to have no obvious cause but are, nonetheless, profoundly significant:

  • Some may argue that meaningful coincidences are random, but if we look closely at our lives, we will find that it is not true.
  • Every word or sound we hear, as well as the individuals with whom we come into contact, is merely by chance. They appear in our Life when we require them the most to answer our inner concerns or queries.

In other words, the events that happen to us do not happen by chance but by design.

This principle is what Jung called synchronicity.

The meaning of synchronicity is an underlying pattern of order and interconnectedness that weaves the fabric of our lives. It is a way for the Universe to communicate with us through meaningful coincidences.

For example, you may have been worrying about a particular issue, and suddenly someone you know well says or does something that gives you the solution to your problem. This is not a coincidence but a form of synchronicity at work.

Carl Jung believed that we are all connected through what he called the collective unconscious. This is a shared space of the mind where we all have access to the same archetypal symbols and images. These shared symbols and pictures help us sense our lives and experiences.

What is the Purpose of Synchronicity?

What is the Purpose of Synchronicity

I agree with those who feel synchronicity is a significant ‘wink’ from the Universe telling us that we’re on the correct path as someone who has seen a lot of synchronistic occurrences in Life.

Synchronicity is also seen as guidance from the Higher Self or Soul, which serves to help you figure out where to go and what to do next in your Life as you advance toward spiritual enlightenment.

More often than not, those seeking to change themselves for the better spiritually speaking tend to experience synchronicity more frequently. Recognizing a moment of synchronicity can be an incredible show of support or a way of being told that you’re on the right track from whatever force you believe in.

How To Recognize Synchronicities

How Do You Recognize Synchronicities

Our company believes synchronicities are daily messages from our subconscious to help us better understand what we need to live our best lives.

  • Synchronicities can be anything from a random phone call or text message to meeting someone who has recently crossed your mind or even being drawn to something new – like this blog post!
  • All these events occur as a result of our unconscious minds attempting to lead us toward what we require most at any moment.
  • It’s about “think less and feel more” and trusting your instincts.
  • If you learn to listen to your intuition, it’ll become easier to interpret outward signs. Normally, an external magical event validates a person’s sixth sense.
  • If you’re looking for an answer, turn to a newspaper, or watch a relevant video about your current problem, and you will sense a revelation.
  • You know the saying, “be careful what you wish for?”

If you’re not getting the desired results, take a step back and analyze your thoughts. Positive or negative thinking directly correlates to what manifests in our lives.

What’s the Difference Between Serendipity and Synchronicity?

What’s the Difference Between Serendipity and Synchronicity

When something good occurs by chance, it’s called serendipity. We may need cash to pay for an unexpected vet expense and discover money in our jacket pocket that we didn’t know we had.

  • In contrast, synchronicity isn’t merely one incidence of good luck. Synchronicity is a pattern of occurrences that appear to be significantly symbolic and purposeful.
  • Serendipity is similar to a bread crumb, whereas synchrony is the route that leads us to a new goal.
  • Many individuals interpret synchronistic events as teaching, confirmation, or message from Life.
  • Sometimes Life gives us little hints. You might be reading a book and come across a character with your dream home’s name or see it on a TV show.

Later, you discover that the name is an actual suburb where you finally find your dream home. That coincidence is called synchronicity.

What Creates Synchronicity?

What Creates Synchronicity

So, what creates synchronicity? Some explanations for the origins of synchronicity meaning include:

  • The unconscious mind. Our dreams often contain warning messages, so why can’t we receive them in our waking lives? Our unconscious minds influence a lot of our behavior and, at the same time, can also communicate with us. Spiritual signs and omens (or instances of synchronicity) are the unconscious mind’s way of guiding us.
  • Harmony of energy. Perhaps synchronicity is a manifestation of global connection, where the frequencies and vibrations of different points sync together in perfect equilibrium (or Oneness). This would explain why people have such uncanny experiences.
  • Law of attraction. According to this idea, your thoughts and feelings cause both beneficial and harmful events in Life. As a result, “like attracts like” may explain why synchronicity occurs.
  • Psychic abilities. Psychics believe synchronicity manifests their abilities, where they can predict events or people’s actions. For example, we might feel that someone will call us, and then they do. Or we may sense that something significant will happen to us, and it does.

The Law of Attraction and How Synchronicity Applies

The Law of Attraction and How Synchronicity Applies

The Law of Attraction is always in effect, and it manifests as either coincidence, synchronicity, or life science.

  • A synchronistic coincidence, to me, is when two events that seem completely random happen at the same time.
  • Although both events happened independently, they share a common theme.

If you’re not familiar, synchronicity is what manifests when you use the Law of Attraction to bring your desired reality into being. A lot of positive events happen that lead you closer to what you want.

In short, the meaning of synchronicity is when two seemingly unrelated events happen together.

However, most people aren’t familiar with the Law of Attraction, so they don’t realize that these occurrences are linked and instead call them chance, accidents or even luck.

All those synchronicities occur when individuals are in tune with the Law of Attraction and know how to set their objectives to bring what they desire into reality.

They are constantly aware of the events around them and know that the Universe is conspiring to help them achieve their desires.

Interesting thought, right?

How Can I Recognize Synchronicity Signs?

How Can I Recognize Synchronicity Signs

Signs are undeniable. Signs can be identified, felt, and heard. There’s a method to tell whether something is a sign or a coincidence.

Within hours or on the same day, two special events will happen simultaneously.

Examples of synchronistic signs are as follows:

  • Thinking about someone you haven’t thought of in years, and then running into them or Hearing about them later that day;
  • Hearing a phrase or sentence for the first time, then hearing it everywhere or seeing a particular number such as 11:11 4:44 22 33.

Some people interpret these as messages from the universe or a higher power. Synchronistic signs can be interpreted in several ways. Some people believe that they are messages from the universe or a higher power. Others may see them as coincidences or simply as interesting patterns.

If you’re curious about synchronicity, keep reading.

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Signs that Your Desire is Manifesting Right Now

  • You already know what you want to achieve.
  • You’ve had a clear idea.
  • All you have to do now is receive what you desire.

But unless you understand the signals that the Law of Attraction realizes your goal, it may seem like you’re waiting forever.

When you become attuned to the signs that your desires manifest, they will seem more distinct. At first, the messages might be vague, but with time and practice, you’ll notice them effortlessly.

Sometimes you’ll have a hunch that it’s working.

You know that it’s yours. Let’s say you want to make a new camera appear in your Life.

You research everything you need to know about the camera you’d like. You visit a shop where you can touch, try out, and learn all there is to know about the product.

You figure out the specifics and place your request with the Universe.

You know you’re getting a new camera without any doubt. It’s as if you already have it.

You notice several cameras, particularly the one you’re looking for.

People are capturing pictures. In newspapers and magazines, there are camera advertisements. Cameras are used on television programs.

You hear people discussing cameras.

They’re having conversations about cameras at:

  • At work
  • In restaurants
  • At school

You can’t avoid chatter, and it’s everywhere.

Then, synchronicity chances emerge.

Why do cameras seem to be following you around?

Because you’re getting indications that your wish is coming true!

If you’re interested in discovering more, I’ve posted the entire post here.


Becoming aware of how the law of attraction and synchronicity works together is interesting. Still, you must focus on BECOMING conscious of your thinking’s cause and effect and the outcomes you achieve.

All of these factors and viewpoints, on their own or combined, link to the evidence that the law of attraction causes more synchronistic events.

The things we Manifest are usually items we desire on a subconscious level.

People tend to agree that the law of attraction is closely linked with synchronicity and the connecting principle.


Why does synchronicity exist?

The simple answer is that we do not know. Some say it is the Universe’s way of communicating with us, while others believe it is our subconscious mind trying to tell us something. Regardless, synchronicity meaning occurs more often than we realize and can be a powerful tool when trying to manifest our desires.

What does synchronicity mean spiritually?

There is no one answer to this question, as everyone experiences and interprets synchronicity differently. For some, it is a way of the Universe communicating with them, while others see it as a sign that they are on the right path or wrong path. Regardless of how you interpret it, synchronicity can be a powerful tool in helping you manifest your desires.

What is the meaning of synchronicity?

Some people interpret the meaning of synchronicity as a sign that they are on the right path, while others see it as a way of communicating with the Universe. Regardless of how you interpret it, synchronicity meaning can be a powerful tool in helping you manifest your desires.

What is an example of synchronicity?

  1. A classic example of synchronicity is when you meet someone for the first time and feel like you have known them your entire Life.
  2. Another example of synchronicity is when you are thinking about a certain person, and then they randomly call you or show up out of nowhere.

What are synchronicity Signs?

There are multiple ways that synchronicity can show up in your Life. Some people experience synchronicity as déjà vu, while others see it as a “gut feeling” or hunch. Synchronicity can also manifest through dreams, symbols, and numbers.

Why does synchronicity keep happening to me?

Some believe that the meaning of synchronicity is a sign from the Universe or a higher power. Others believe that synchronicity meaning is simply a coincidence.

How can I make synchronicity work in my Life?

There is no one surefire way to make synchronicity work in your Life. However, some people find that practicing meditation, mindfulness or setting goals can help them to be more open to serendipitous events.

Additionally, keeping a journal of your synchronicity experiences can help you to notice patterns and draw connections between different events.

The meaning of synchronicity is a mysterious phenomenon. It has puzzled philosophers and scientists for centuries.

  • What is the meaning of synchronicity in your Life?
  • Do you believe it is a sign from the Universe or simply a coincidence?
  • How can you make synchronicity work in your Life?
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