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Vision Board Images

Are you in the process of building a vision board, or do you want to?

Vision boards are a fantastic method to imagine and map out your objectives and aspirations.

There is something powerful about seeing all of these magnificent vision board images together, which make it more impactful than if they were alone. By encouraging our subconscious mind into action, this can result in rewarding outcomes, such as: creating inspiring ideas.

Using vision board images (pictures, drawings and photographs) to help achieve your goals in life is a method of the manifestation technique, so it makes sense to choose them with care.

Here are some ideas on how to select vision board images, which will encourage motivation towards success in business or life!

Vision Board Statistics

According to a study released by TD Bank, small company owners use vision—both photographs and idea boards—to realise their business goals. Between December and January, 500 small business owners and over 1,100 consumers were interviewed by TD Bank to learn more about their “visualization techniques”.

According to the small company CEOs from the study, a key aspect in the success of starting up and operating their firms was being able to visualise and pursue it. Moving forward, they also highlighted the importance of maintaining a broad perspective, as they continued on with their plans. More data from the study revealed the following:

  • Visualising objectives appeared beneficial for more than two-thirds of the small company owners.
  • When it comes to getting successful, 59 percent of small company owners felt that visual representations, such as: vision boards or other symbols, were just as important, if not more so than traditional marketing.
  • One in five small firm owners used a vision board or other visual representation when they first launched their business. As of concluding the study, over half of these entrepreneurs believe that their firm is where they planned it to be.
  • Eighty-two percent of small company owners, who had been using a vision board from the beginning, said they had accomplished more than half of the objectives listed on their board.

What Type of Images Should You Use?

There are five things to keep in mind when it comes to picking images for your vision board. Picking the right vision board images for your project can make a huge difference in the overall result.

The five points to remember are as follows:

  1. Make your requests as specific as possible, when imagining your desired outcome.
  2. Don’t be afraid to get emotional.
  3. Use high-resolution images for better visualization.
  4. Make it unique and personal to you.
  5. Keep it simple.

Now you know what these five things are, let’s take a closer look at each one.

1. Make your requests as specific as possible, when imagining your desired outcome.

When it comes to putting vision boards together, make sure to be clear about what you want your manifesting to create. If you want a new house for example, don’t just slap anything random on your board. If you want a bright-coloured house, try to picture it in the brightest colours possible, by selecting images which depict this. What does your dream house look like overall? How will you design and decorate your bedroom? Remember to be as detailed as possible. Describe what you see clearly to later make it a future reality.

2. Don’t be afraid to get emotional.

It’s all about emotions when it comes to making your vision board work. After all, your feelings and sentiments will help you achieve what you want in life. Manifesting does not just use the logical side of your brain. The feeling of excitement that you receive from seeing a beautiful photograph, taps into the emotional process needed in manifestation to work.

3. Use high-resolution images for better visualisation.

The quality of your vision board images is crucial. A blurry photo or one that is too tiny will not have the same impact, as a clear and larger-sized one. Some photo websites provide colour-based photo searches to help you maintain a consistent mood in your vision board. You can use a tool feature within the site, which can change all of your photographs to pink, for example. Search with the term most relevant to you, and choose the style which best fits your desired aesthetic. It is notable to add that photo sites can provide a variety of tear-jerking, high-quality images that will assist your manifesting ability more easily.

4. Make it unique and personal to you.

This is your vision board, so make sure it feels personal to you. DreamMaker founder, Petri Maatta, explains that you should utilise pictures which inspire and are relatable to you. It can be a helpful idea to get inspiration from someone else’s vision board, however, at the end of the day, your vision board is for you. Try not to be too influenced by others, and create one for yourself which aligns with your style and goals. Choosing appropriate photographs is known as being in a ‘creative state’. Vision boards aren’t necessarily easy, but it can benefit you in the long run if you put the right amount of effort into them.

5. Keep it simple.

A vision board’s content should not be overly crowded or inconsistent. Keep to the conventional layout of one image per board, if you can. Sometimes, even just one is enough. The essential thing to remember, however, is to keep it simple.

Vision Board Images Examples

Here are eight vision board images samples to help you determine which photographs to use for your ideal manifestation project:

  • Goal 1: Bali will be my next holiday travel destination.
  • Goal 2: I want to install a fireplace in my lounge to make it cosier.
  • Goal 3: Every day, I should workout for [X amount of time].
  • Goal 4: By [X amount of time], I want to reach one million subscribers on YouTube.
  • Goal 5: My dream is to get a job at Google.
  • Goal 6: This will be the year that I graduate.
  • Goal 7: I would like to spend two weeks on an island in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Goal 8: The ultimate goal is to acquire all of Apple’s products.


Goal 1: Bali will be my next holiday travel destination.

Goal 1 vision board images Bali will be my next holiday travel destination

Select a travel photo from your social media site of choice, which matches the kind of holiday you desire in Bali. Try to pick one which evokes an emotional response within you. A fantastic example of this is choosing an image which depicts the moment someone’s feet sink into the sand. Adding this image to your vision board will give a clear indication that you want to spend some time on the beach, when you manifest your holiday to Bali.

Goal 2: I want to install a fireplace in my lounge to make it cosier.

Goal 2 I want to install a fireplace in my lounge to make it cosier.

Some interior design-focused Instagram accounts that I like, post images which exactly match the style of how I would want my living room to look. Broadening the diversity in the accounts or pages that you follow, can help you discover more inspirational material. You can even add text over the images found to make them even better.

Goal 3: Every day, I should work out for [X amount of time].

Goal 3 Every day, I should work out for [X amount of time]. images

When I was on my own workout journey, as soon as I woke up, I would refer to my vision board. Using significant numbers, as well as images that relate to the purpose of my goal, helped to make the vision board even more beneficial. Checking your vision board from time to time, can help remind you of your objective. It also motivates and makes you more accountable to reaching your goal. Despite it not being easy to achieve, this causes you to face where you are at, and look towards where you want to be.

Goal 4: By [X amount of time], I want to reach one million subscribers on YouTube.

Goal 4 reach one million subscribers on YouTube

Include images associated with meeting particular subscriber count milestones reached on YouTube, like the Bronze (10,000 subscribers) YouTube Play Button to your vision board. This example shows that finding images to represent what you wish to accomplish, doesn’t need to be too fancy. You could go even further by placing your channel’s name on the picture of the award, in order to make your manifestation even more direct.

Goal 5: My dream is to get a job at Google.

Goal 5 My dream is to get a job at Google

Another method you can use to visualise your goal, is to utilise the tools/services that you already have at your disposal. As an example, I changed my Instagram bio to the goal that I wanted to achieve and snapped a photo of it, before resetting it back to its original state. Adding this image to your vision board makes you confront your goal head-on, rather than just imagining it with your mind. Using this same method, now you can physically see yourself working at Google, you’re one step further towards achieving your goal. Did you include an image of the signed contract? How does it make you feel about your dreams now? Do you feel excited, proud and fulfilled? Keep asking yourself these questions as you continue to work on your manifestation technique.

Goal 6: This will be the year that I graduate.

Goal 6 This will be the year that I graduate

Consider the future that you want, by utilising the images associated with your goal. In this case, include images of people interacting at a graduation. You can also add words, such as: congratulations, or even include the degree you want to complete. Seeing yourself at that finish line, how does it feel to have your degree in your hand? Are you reflecting on how hard you worked, or how much effort you put into it? Remember that before you can achieve any of this, there will be a final exam.

Goal 7: I would like to spend two weeks on an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Goal 7 I would like to spend two weeks on an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

This specific vision board uses images which fall under the category of ‘someday’ photographs. They may not be as realistic in terms of goals, or they might be very hard to achieve, but they are still quite inspirational to include within your manifestation practices.

Goal 8: The ultimate goal is to acquire all of Apple’s products.

Goal 8 acquire all of Apple’s products vision board image

Objective-based goals are one of the simplest things that you can put on your board. Who doesn’t want all of Apple’s devices in their home office? A symbol of financial comfort and high-level technology, having a vision board with this type of goal can be a way to show your wish for more financial and social mobility.


There are several advantages to making a vision board. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  1. You will be able to concentrate on your objectives and aspirations better.
  2. Using a vision board enhances your creativity and productivity.
  3. Through visualising your current goal, you might end up discovering other things that you want to achieve, giving you more confidence to go for what you want in life.
  4. Practicing mindfulness could help you become happier and more successful.


Are vision boards a great way to evoke emotions? 

A vision board is a collection of words, images and phrases used to represent your dreams and goals. The idea is that by looking at your vision board regularly, you will be reminded of what you want to achieve, and be more likely to take the steps towards reaching your goals. While some people are sceptical of the power of vision boards, there is evidence to suggest that they can be effective. One study found that participants who made vision boards were more likely to achieve their goals, than those who did not. The study’s author suggests that this may be because vision boards help to evoke emotions and motivate people to take action. If you’re struggling to stay focused on your goals, making a vision board could be a helpful way to stay motivated and on track.


The types of images that work best on vision boards

When it comes to creating a vision board, the sky is the limit regarding what kind of images you can use. With that being said, certain types of images tend to work best. For instance, pictures that evoke positive emotions are often very effective. This could be a photo of a place you’ve always wanted to visit, or a picture of someone you admire. Another good option is to use inspiring quotes or affirmations. These can help to keep you motivated and focused on your goals.

Finally, it’s also a good idea to include images representing your specific goals. For example, if you’re hoping to land a new job, you might include a picture of yourself in a business suit. By including various types of images, you’ll create a vision board that is both visually appealing and highly effective.



To conclude this article, from the study highlighted earlier, most entrepreneurs who envisioned their success prior to it materialising, reported believing their firm was where they wanted it to be. According to feedback and statistics, half had utilised a vision board in some shape or form.

Next, five essential points was advised to be kept in mind, while selecting images for your one of a kind vision board. You should be clear about the sort of images you want. Choose them with emotions, and make sure they’re of good quality. So that’s no blurry pictures!

Finally, keep in mind that everyone has their own style, so don’t be a copycat. You want your vision board images to relate to your goal, not anyone else’s!

Instead, use your creativity to make yours unique to you.

Remember to believe in yourself, as this is the first step to making sure that your goals materialise into reality. And utilising not only images, but affirmation cards, motivational quotations and written and visual representations of your goals, is the way to create a potent (manifestation) vision board.


Creating a vision board can be a fun and creative way to visualise your dreams and goals.

Questions, such as: ‘What kind of images should I include in my vision board’, can be found below to help you get started:

Where can I get pictures for a vision board?

To create a digital vision board, why not leverage the power of Google, Pinterest, Stock Photo sites, and Instagram to source free images? You can use a snipping tool on Windows PCs, while Mac laptops/desktops have their grab function. With these tools at your disposal, copying & downloading pictures from websites onto your desktop has never been easier!

What should I include in my vision board?

Vision boards should encompass your aspirations for the following year and whatever feelings you want to manifest. It is essential to include attainable objectives, so be sure to write them out in vivid detail. For instance, if one of your financial goals is buying a new car – instead of writing ‘new car’ – incorporate more specifics, such as which model or color it might be!

How do I make a picture on my vision board?

With only a few clicks, you can easily capture the images from any website onto your desktop by using either a snipping tool on Windows or the grab function for Macs. From there, moving them into whatever program you use to create your digital vision board is an effortless transition!

How do you do a vision board?

  1. Collect your materials.
  2. Take some time to clarify your goal and vision.
  3. Find images and things that represent your vision or dream.
  4. Arrange your stuff.
  5. Put your vision board where you’ll see it often.


What kind of images should I include on my vision board?

The sky’s the limit! You can include any images that inspire and help you to visualise your goals. That could mean images of your dream vacation spot, pictures of successful people in your field, or photos of things you’d like to achieve.

How many images should I include on my vision board?

Again, there’s no right or wrong answer here. It’s up to you how many images you want to include. Just make sure that each image is placed thoughtfully, and that they all work together to tell a cohesive story.

Should I only use positive images on my vision board?

A vision board can be a powerful tool for manifestation, helping you visualise your goals and create a roadmap for achieving them. Some people believe that only positive images should be used to avoid attracting negative energy. Others argue that negative images can also be helpful, provided that they are used correctly. I believe that there is no right or wrong answer – it depends on what works best for you. If you find that focusing on positive images helps you stay motivated and focused on your goals, by all means, fill your vision board with pictures of your dream life. However, if you feel like you need to acknowledge the challenges you may face along the way, then including a few negative images can be beneficial. The important thing is to use whatever method is best for you to manifest your dreams.

What are the tips for creating a vision board that inspires and motivates you?

Creating a vision board is a great way to focus your energy and attention on achieving specific goals. But what makes for an effective and inspiring vision board? Here are a few tips:

  1. Keep it specific. When you’re clear about what you want to achieve, creating a vision board that will help you get there is easier.
  2. Make it visual. Use magazine cut-outs, photos or other images that speak to you. This will help make your vision board more visually interesting and engaging.
  3. Be positive. Choose images and words that inspire positive emotions, like ‘happiness’ and ‘hope’. This will help keep you motivated, as you work towards your goals.
  4. Keep it personal. Vision boards should reflect your unique wants and needs. Don’t be afraid to get creative!


Thank you for taking the time to read my article on how to choose vision board images. I hope it was both informative and enjoyable to use, in helping put your vision board together. By following these tips, you can create a vision board that will help you stay focused and motivated, as you work towards your goals.

petri maatta, CEO
Petri Maatta

Petri Maatta is a photographer, filmmaker, and webdesigner who has been working for over 20 years in the creative industry. Fascinated by manifesting for business reasons, Petri was determined to find out what it took to create success. He started his career with seven years of business failures before he found success by learning about manifesting from a mentor with a Fortune 500 company. Today Petri shares his knowledge through DreamMaker courses designed to help people change their businesses and lives while living on their terms.

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