Mastering the management of your thought process may present a difficulty, indeed. It is within reach and certainly rewarding.

Many of us know the benefits of clearing our minds or concentrating on a phrase or mantra while meditating.

These practices are usually done with conscious effort.

How can you effortlessly maintain a level of productivity throughout your day while also inviting positivity into your life?

The solution lies in practising mindset exercises, which we will disclose shortly.

We’ll also talk about a personal development program called Manifestation Miracle that also shares exercises that you can do but in a more structured way.

What Is Positive Thinking?

In a nutshell, positive thinking is a way of managing your thoughts to make room for more optimism than pessimism.

Engaging in positive habits can enhance your life, create a more optimistic attitude and help you attract your goals.

We simply want to clarify that practising thinking does not mean ignoring reality or behaving irrationally.

It’s a habit that encourages you to change your perspective and view things as chances, for growth and obstacles, rather than hardships and disasters.

Having such a mindset is beneficial, for individuals seeking to enhance their critical thinking abilities.

How Do You Train Your Mind to Think Positive?

There are different methods to achieve a more positive mindset.

Remember, change takes time especially when you’re trying to undo years of thought patterns.

No need to fret, we’ll be sure to provide you with some proven mindset activities.

How Long Does It Take to Train Your Brain to Think Positive?

So if it doesn’t take overnight, how long would it really take?

The answer honestly depends on your current state of mind.

People, with a mindset or those who tend to be optimistic will likely see progress in their improvement journey.

Those who are already used to controlling their thoughts or meditating regularly will experience progress significantly faster.

People who tend to have a habit of thinking will likely experience the process as lengthier in comparison.

It’s impossible to provide an estimate because each person’s situation is different.

It’s like picking up a hobby. The more you practise the sharper your mind becomes.

Before we proceed with these methods there’s one note to mention.

We know that you may want to explore these strategies to cope with thoughts, worries or other mental health concerns.

If our workouts can be of assistance don’t hesitate to consult a professional if the need arises.

There are treatments and approaches that can provide assistance.

Positive Thinking Exercises

For individuals seeking actions they can take independently they can begin with the exercises outlined below.

Let’s split this section into two parts; activities you can engage in at home and ones you can easily incorporate into your routine.

At Home

Here are some activities that you’ll need to make time for in a secure environment.


Mentioned previously practising meditation can speed up your journey to a mindset by guiding you in mastering the art of managing your thoughts.

Beginners can start by focusing on their breathing. You can do so by counting each time you inhale or exhale.

Another approach is to attempt to clear your mind. This involves releasing each thought as it arises.

The more you get used to meditating, the easier it will be.

Positive thinking works in the way when you implement those principles in that area well.

Use the Power of Affirmations

Here is a different way to enhance a mindset. Employing affirmations.

Here are phrases you can repeat to yourself to tune your energy to the frequencies of the words.

You can find statements online; actually we’ll be happy to share some of our top picks with you shortly.

You can also make your own.

Reverse Engineer Your Issues

Get yourself settled in a position like you would when practising meditation.

You can also close your eyes if you want. Observe your thoughts, and reflect on them.

Where are the negative thoughts coming from? Are there any underlying reasons that you might not have considered yet?

Your pessimistic thoughts could actually be the key to solving your problems, which might eventually help you break free from anxiety and negativity completely.


One more thing you can try is to jot down your thoughts, figure out their origins and brainstorm solutions by writing them out on paper.

You can also consider measures to foster a positive mindset, towards your journal, some of which we will discuss with you.

This is also not the only way to journal for positive thinking.

We’ll soon be sharing methods for expressing positivity through journaling.

Perform a Ritual

In the end individuals can discover straightforward practices that they can engage in not to invite positive energy but also to infuse a sense of holiness into their everyday routines.

One of the things we enjoy doing is jotting down our thoughts on a sheet of paper and setting it ablaze while uttering a brief prayer or blessing to release it into the universe.

We often express gratitude for the knowledge you’ve imparted to me. It’s time for me to release you and liberate myself from our connection.

Feel free to craft a prayer. It carries strength when done this way.

On the Go

Here are practices that you can do anytime, anywhere:

Use Positive Words During Conversations

Whenever you find yourself thinking or speaking in a manner, make an effort to replace negative words with powerful and optimistic ones.

Don’t forget to ask your friends and family for reminders when you need them.

Shift Your Perspective Consciously

Don’t just focus on how you phrase things. Take this chance to change your outlook on situations.

For instance, instead of viewing one thing as a potential problem, look at it as a way to make further improvements.

Doing so will also help you come up with solutions faster since you’re already coming from the perspective of success.

Visualise Success

We know that there are circumstances that we simply can’t solve.

No matter how optimistic you attempt to be, the answer still appears unattainable.

If that’s the case, then there’s no reason to even bother over it.

Isn’t it more beneficial to imagine achieving success ? Who’s to say? It might even come true.

Let Go

Often what holds us back the most are the burdens we struggle to release.

. It’s just not good for you. Learn to let go and forgive yourself. Keep moving.


Remember to keep smiling. It’s amazing how a simple smile can bring vibes and strength especially when things seem tough.

It’s a gesture of hope.

Journaling for Positive Thinking

Here are some additional suggestions on how you can make the most of your journal for fostering a mindset.

As a Catch-All

You have the option to jot down your thoughts. Lighten your load by letting go of them.

Seek out patterns, spot triggers. Just utilise them to measure your advancement.

As a Forgiveness Journal

Utilise your journal to jot down the things that bother you and brainstorm ways to forgive all parties, including yourself.

This will also help you step back from situations and view them from a perspective.

It has the potential to evoke feelings of empathy, kindness, affection and other positive emotions.

As a Gratitude Journal

Make a list of things you appreciate and take some time to write in your journal when you have moments.

Before you go to sleep try focusing on things that bring you joy and gratitude for letting your mind wander aimlessly.

If you wake up feeling overwhelmed, by thoughts it’s an idea to start your gratitude journaling in the morning.

As an Art Journal

Engaging in activities can often bring about a positive mindset, which can be beneficial when dealing with any lingering negative thoughts.

You can utilise your journal for sketching, doodling, creating collages, writing poetry and various other activities.

Positive Affirmations

You can also utilise pages to craft calligraphy quotes based on the affirmations listed below.

“I am perfectly fine. There’s nothing with me. Actually these words were penned by none than First Lady Michelle Obama, in her book, ‘Becoming.'”

I believe in my worthiness. I am worthy of the love that comes my way. I have the right to love and nurture myself. My self value is important to me.

I believe there is something within me that comes from a place of love and creativity. Regardless of your beliefs it’s essential to acknowledge the care that went into shaping who you are. More enchanting is the fact that this loving and creative spark continues to reside within you.

Remember, tough times don’t last forever. Just keep in mind that your problems won’t stick around for long.

I’ve improved from my past self. I’m looking forward to getting better tomorrow. Each day brings lessons that help us grow a little more than we were yesterday.

Manifestation Miracle

We trust that the exercises given will give you a start, on your journey, towards a positive outlook.

However we acknowledge that there are individuals who may favour an approach to tasks.

If so, then you can check out Manifestation Miracle.

It presents a self improvement initiative providing a roadmap, for transforming your mindset and utilising that potential to manifest your aspirations.


Shifting to a more positive way of thinking takes time and effort.

Thankfully you have plenty of opportunities to practise thinking whether you’re at home or out and about.

Some steps require you to sit down and reflect on things, while other methods can be as easy as shifting your current thoughts towards a more positive perspective.

Journaling and reciting positive affirmations can help as well.

For individuals seeking an approach to their routine they have the option of enrolling in the Manifestation Miracle course.


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