It takes hard work, dedication, and perhaps some luck to achieve true success. While all these things are essential, to develop your intuition is one more thing you can tap into.

Harness the power of your inner voice to make sound decisions and identify solutions for life’s complications. Intuition, or your sixth sense, can be used as a tool to help you de-stress and enrich yourself with resilience.

With practice, developing this instinctive ability will transform how you approach any situation in life.

Highly intuitive people often describe a “gut feeling” about something. This is their intuition at play, an inner voice that may subtly sound off when it senses something isn’t quite right – or even foretells what will happen moments before it does.

Strengthening your intuition need not be complex. Launch small by tuning into the wisdom of your guts and recognizing when it’s accurate. The more you apply, the sturdier your instinct will become. In no time, you’ll lean on it for making both regular and important decisions alike.

In this post, we’ll provide you with the necessary tools to sharpen your intuition and utilize it to reach greater heights of accomplishment.

Tips to Develop Your Intuition and 6th Sense

Develop Your Intuition and 6th Sense

There are obvious signs you’re ignoring your intuition, such as making wrong decisions all the time.

So, how do you develop your intuition and your 6th sense?

To develop your intuition can be tremendously advantageous. Successful people trust their instincts and make wiser decisions.

In addition, highly intuitive people possess a unique ability to tackle issues from diverse perspectives.

To gain an edge over the competition or yourself, you need to foster your inner wisdom by learning how to develop a strong intuition.

Here are a few ways to develop your intuition and to cultivate your inner wisdom:

7 tips to strengthen your intuition

It’s not only about strengthening your connection, it’s about using intuition exercises so that you learn how to connect with your intuition.

1. Pay attention to your dreams and record them

Dreams can be peculiar, bizarre, and sometimes alarming. But with some knowledge of interpreting them correctly, they could also contain insight and direction.

Psychologists suggest that by decoding our dreams, we can grow and develop intuitive solutions for any problems or difficulties. Though recalling these memories may be challenging, the rewards you reap will prove it was well worth your effort.

Our dreams often carry messages from our inner selves, and if we pay attention to them, it can help us deepen our intuition and learn how to rely on our instincts and emotions. We strengthen our connection with ourselves by tapping into the power of these subconscious messages.

Our dreams can often reveal our innermost fears and longings, making it possible for us to understand ourselves better. Research has found that we dream five times every night on average – yet most of us only recall one or two.

Recording our dreams in a journal can help us recognize patterns we might never find otherwise. Pay attention to your dreams and review them often, as they could be the key to unlocking your innermost potential.

Knowing this, take some time each day to write down any dream that you remember; doing so will make you more mindful of these experiences and allow you to connect with yourself on an even deeper level.


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2. Follow your intuition

Enhancing your intuition is a valuable ability that can be cultivated with dedication and effort. With it, you can arrive at wiser decisions in all aspects of life – large or insignificant.

Contrary to popular belief, develop your intuition isn’t as hard as some may think.

To begin with, pay attention to your intuition in everyday circumstances. For instance, if you’re uncertain which way to stroll, ask yourself what feels the most appropriate and pursue that route.

Let your innermost thoughts lead you down the path to success. That subtle voice within us guides us and provides insight into our future.

Take heed of its wisdom; it will steer you towards a brighter tomorrow?

At first, it can be intimidating to trust your instinct; however, the more you practice this skill, the easier and less frightening it becomes. Even better, you might astound yourself with how precise intuition can be!

3. Be open to coincidence and synchronicity

Life is abundant with chance and synchronistic events, leading many to believe that these are messages from the Universe. They can confirm that you’re headed in the right direction if you remain mindful of such occurrences. In other words, take them as signs from above!

All it takes is a gentle push to get you going in the right direction and build trust in yourself. Strengthening your instinctual hunches can make you more aware of these subtle signals.

Perception is key. Notice if your intuition speaks to you or if there are any reoccurring motifs in your life – these could be clues from the Universe leading you towards something better for yourself. Open up and explore what can manifest when you trust that only good will come of it.


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4. Pay attention to your body

Have you ever experienced a physical sensation when pondering something? This could be your body’s way of imparting wisdom to you.

Now and then, most of us have felt a strong instinctive impulse that arises from the depths of our bodies. This sensation has nothing to do with anything else happening around you at the time.

Call it what you will – a sixth sense, gut feeling or inner voice – but they all essentially mean one thing: trust your intuition.

A feeling of apprehension or intuition that something is about to occur may be experienced by many yet brushed aside as mere coincidence.

However, often this can be your body attempting to communicate a warning sign.

For example, if you experience a nervous tingle in your stomach when considering a new job opportunity, it could be that your body is warning you something isn’t quite right.

Conversely, if your body stirs with excitement or joy when you think of something, it might be a good sign that it is the right idea.

You can hone your intuition and sixth sense by learning to recognize and trust these sensations. This newfound power of perception is especially useful in life – from making decisions to avoiding potential danger.

5. Keep a journal

Taking some time to document your emotions and ideas can help you to understand yourself further. As you journal, be attentive to any strong feelings that surface; these may very well come from your intuition! Awareness of our intuitive selves is a great way to nurture personal growth.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused, jotting down your thoughts on paper can help free up mental space and let creativity flow more freely. Writing things out is a great way to gain clarity of thought.

With regular introspection, you can cultivate your intuition and develop a heightened sixth sense. Over time, journaling will help to reinforce this connection with your internal guide.

Seize the moment and don’t delay – get a pen & paper, and start today.


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6. Meditate for a few minutes each day

Intuition is our innate ability to intuit and discern what’s best for us. It’s the subtle whisper in our minds that guides us toward making wise decisions and knowing when something is wrong. Intuition can be a powerful force within us, even if we haven’t fully tapped into its potential yet.

Meditation is an invaluable method to access our intuition. By clearing away the constant chatter of everyday life, we can create a mental space for our inner wisdom to be heard and understood.

Even a brief moment of meditation each day can profoundly impact our ability to access our inner wisdom.

To develop and hone your intuition, why not attempt meditation? You could be astounded at what you come to realize about yourself.

7. Busy your mind

Growing and understanding your intuition does not happen instantly. It takes time and intensive training. But if you’re willing to learn how to rely on your instinct more, multiple techniques can help make the process easier. Anything truly worth having requires effort, like developing a stronger connection with yourself.

What better way to begin brainstorming than by paying attention to the fresh ideas that come while your mind is focused but not overburdened? It might occur when you’re strolling in a park, driving down an open road, mowing the grass on your lawn, showering off after a long day of work or even listening to gentle rainfall. Whatever it may be for you – keep note and take advantage.

When you realize that you’ve stumbled onto a great concept, mark it down. Once the moment has passed, and your schedule is more relaxed, sit down and refine the idea further.

The more practice you get in this process, the better attuned you’ll become at deciphering when your instinct is speaking up.


Our intuition is a valuable asset that can benefit every area of life. By learning to trust and follow our instincts, we can make more informed decisions, seek joy from our work, and cultivate meaningful relationships with others.

Our sixth sense, intuition, is the power to understand something instinctively without any logical explanation.

It’s often called our “gut feeling” or a hunch and can be extremely beneficial when making decisions. Intuition has helped many individuals navigate life’s challenges more easily and confidently.

Our unconscious thought processes are continuously operating, resulting in our intuition. Cultivating this ability can be done through journaling, meditation, and paying attention to your internal compass.

Through the development of our intuition, we can tap into a strong inner resource that will take us on an extraordinary journey towards success, creativity and personal contentment.

Connecting with your intuition is a journey that lasts throughout life and is worth taking. To be successful, you must take the time to learn how to cultivate it.

Following these tips can help you to start building up your intuitive skills so that they serve as an invaluable tool in guiding you towards success.


What is the best way to cultivate my intuition?

The best way to cultivate your intuition is by regularly practising mindfulness and meditation and paying attention to your internal compass.

Taking time out of each day to be still and connect with yourself will help you gain clarity on moving forward.

Additionally, engaging in activities such as journaling, drawing, or painting can help you to access your deeper wisdom by allowing yourself to express and explore your innermost thoughts.

How do I know when my intuition is guiding me?

Intuition presents itself in subtle ways, often through feelings, gut reactions, and signs. Pay attention to the information you receive and trust it, even if it doesn’t make sense initially.

When you feel a strong urge to do something or when your thoughts and emotions seem out of sync with what you were thinking, these could be signs that intuition is guiding you in the right direction. Additionally, it is important to take the time to reflect and be mindful of your surroundings.

What is the best way to access and trust my intuition?

The best way to access and trust your intuition is to practice mindfulness. Spend time in nature or in a quiet space where you can be alone with your thoughts.

Take the time to meditate or journal to get in touch with your innermost feelings and desires. Additionally, be open to new experiences and take the time to ask yourself questions such as ‘What do I want right now?’ or ‘Am I feeling comfortable in this situation?’

Pay attention to your feelings and body sensations – these are often signals from your intuition. Finally, be patient with yourself and trust that you have the answers you need inside. You can learn to access your intuition and make decisions confidently with practice and commitment.

How can I make my intuition stronger?

One way to strengthen and to develop your intuition is to practice mindfulness. Take time each day to be still and connect with your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Make space for reflection, meditation, or whatever spiritual activity speaks to you. Connecting with yourself on a deeper level helps you learn how to listen more closely when your intuition starts speaking up.

How do I awaken my intuition?

To awaken your intuition, it’s important to understand why you are struggling to access it in the first place. Reflect on any limiting beliefs or blocks that may be holding you back from trusting yourself fully.

Consider working with a coach, therapist, or healer that can help you explore and transform these blocks. From there, start experimenting with activities like journaling, yoga, or energy healing that can help tap into your intuition.

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