The notion that success can only be achieved through hard work is being questioned by multiple sources.

In an article on Forbes, the author argues that the idea of “Just work hard at whatever job you get, and things will work out” is a false notion.

Similarly, Tiny Buddha suggests that the belief in achieving goals and success through working tirelessly and having confidence and self belief – is not valid.

These perspectives state that success is caused by factors other than hard work. Such as, opportunities, timing, resources, personal purpose, and external circumstances.

10 factors that can prevent success

There are factors that can hinder, postpone or even reverse success despite putting in a lot of effort.

  1. You find yourself in a situation where you put in a lot of effort into something that you despise. As a result you subconsciously sabotage your progress. Because achieving success would mean committing to something that actually drains you.
  2. There’s a fear within you that if you were to achieve success it would bring along too many responsibilities. That you’re not ready to take on. You prefer the sense of freedom that comes with avoiding responsibilities.
  3. Observing others who seem to gain success while still enjoying leisure activities. Such as, playing video games. It may feel like an impossible task to compete against such individuals. You question the purpose of striving when they effortlessly succeed. Without putting in hard work.
  4. You struggle with feeling unattractive and struggle to fit in. You notice how successful individuals excel at interactions making it challenging for you to envision achieving success in an environment that seems more welcoming, towards outgoing and socially comfortable people.
  5. When you prioritize doing more of that it seems like it hinders your ability to improve in other aspects. It creates a situation where there are no victories.
  6. You put in the effort. Follow the instructions to achieve success. Choosing the right subjects to apply for suitable jobs. Once you’re there it feels like you’re not part of the “in” crowd. It’s as if there’s a battle within companies to climb up the career ladder. Even if you switch to another company. It may feel like a constant game of maneuvering with small steps forward.
  7. You’re not wealthy. It’s a known fact that attracting abundance and money can smoothen your path, towards success. So, to keep up with those who’re already better off than you, you have to work much harder. Additionally, if you have a background that is considered socially accepted. Such as, being the wrong color, culture, gender. Or coming from the wrong side of town. Having the wrong education. Parents holding different socio political beliefs or sexuality. Or any other perceived negative trait. When you combine these factors together, it creates a perception that no one would want to spend time with you. Not to mention promoting your abilities. Or lift you up.
  8. Another challenge is having many interests. To achieve success in today’s world it seems necessary to be single minded and laser focused. Yet, if everything interests you. And you have a range of passions and skills like a polymath from past eras. Well, then what are your chances? Specialization and becoming the best in one area seem like the only way to succeed. Otherwise, a 10% at all things may be seen as unfocused and undesirable. In today’s workplace, you need to show purpose and focus.
  9. You’re unsure about your passion, which makes it challenging to stay completely focused. Because you haven’t discovered that one special talent in which you can excel at. You find yourself exploring interests without a clear sense of what you could thrive in. You put in effort into one thing to achieve results. Then move on to the next endeavor. Because you haven’t found that magical niche. The one that would allow you to reach new heights. It feels like success is elusive when that niche never seems to reveal itself.
  10. In order to be perceived as successful. There’s an expectation that you should desire a spouse or partner who aspires to have a home and children. Actively socialize and support your family. Strive to be pleasing and supportive to everyone as their companion and confidante. Additionally, its expected for you to contribute to charities. While maintaining a kept home and raising well behaved children with a loving spouse. On top of all this you must always appear happy with a job. Without any noticeable health issues. Any imperfection in this facade might lead others to view you as a failure. Potentially causing everything else around you to crumble like a house of cards.

It can be quite overwhelming to have such a workload and its not uncommon to encounter some challenges along the way. However, it’s important to remember that consistent success is achievable. It can be achieved with focus, perseverance and adaptability.


People look for success without doing any hard work due to various reasons

  1. Becoming successful without having to work hard for it looks cool to the outside world. It looks cool. To show to the world that “look, I scored excellent grades in my exams without studying”. Whereas the reality might have been that you studied very very hard.
  2. We only get to see the successful people when they are partying, going to events, taking awards, dancing, all dressed up. But we never see the extreme hard work. Dedication that they go through day in day out for years together to get where they are.
  3. We only look at successful people as wearing designer clothes, driving swanky cars, living in posh houses.
    • Mahatma Gandhi was a very successful person because he achieved what he set out to do.
    • Anna Hazare is successful in his own right. Because he has succeeded in gaining public attention to issues that matter.
  • There are numerous examples when you look around.
  • 4. We only look at successful people as being wealthy. Somehow we have been taught that making loads of money = being successful. This is not correct. Success means so many different things to different people.
  • Success to Narendra Modi, current PM of India is not amassing lots of wealth. It may be to leave a lasting and positive impact on India and the world.
  • Success to an Olympian will be to win a gold medal in the next race.
  • For an actor, success may be defined as how much his acting is appreciated and awarded
  • For a businessman, success would be how much wealth he has created for his shareholders.

Another way to define success without effort is through luck or fortunate circumstances.

While there isn’t a formula for achieving success some fundamental ingredients include

  • talent
  • luck
  • hard work
  • dedication
  • sincerity
  • unwavering focus
  • the ability to stick to your daily routine consistently

Therefore, strive diligently to face success head on. Remember that without work true success lacks its sweet taste.

What is the way to become a successful person?

Here is the best and most effective method.

I will guide you through it with six steps;


Grab a sheet of paper. Create two columns. Proceed to jot down your responses to the questions;

  1. Who are you today?
  2. Who do you want to become?

Here are a few examples in health, wealth and relationships categories:

  • Health:
    • Today: I don’t feel good about myself. I’m fat and sick.
    • Become: I feel great about myself. I see myself strong, healthy and vibrant.
  • Work:
    • Today: I don’t like my job (approx 70% of the world population according to stats).
    • Become: I see myself working in my dream job.
  • Education:
    • Today: I’m not learning anything.
    • Become: I see myself reading a book per week.
  • Money:
    • Today: I’m in debt and can’t see a way out.
    • Become: I see myself cash positive, with enough to last for 20 years.


Create a connection by drawing a line that links your statement to the one.

STEP 3: 

The next step is crucial for the success of this exercise. Please state the actions that must be taken to accomplish the desired objective of becoming who you want to be.

To answer your question, let’s move onto step four…


Just do it! As the famous Nike Advertisement says. It’s true though. Any amount of wishing ain’t gonna get you where you want to be.


Take 100% responsibility for YOUR actions.

But I can’t

“But it’s difficult.

But I don’t know how.

But nobody is willing to help me.

But I don’t have the money.”

Indeed making excuses will consistently serve as a way for you to stay within your comfort zone.

Whenever you catch yourself lamenting about your lack of “success”, in life simply refer back to your worksheet.

Revisit steps three and four.


Keep going until the goal is achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the factors that contribute to achieving success?

While hard work is definitely a factor in achieving success it’s not the determinant. Success is influenced by many factors. Talent, creativity, emotional intelligence, networking abilities and access to resources. Having a vision, setting goals and devising a plan to accomplish goals also play roles in attaining success.

How do luck and opportunities shape the relationship between work and success?

Luck and opportunities have an impact on the dynamic between hard work and success. Although hard work is important. One’s success can also be influenced by being at the place at the time. By getting an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and talents. Luck can also come into play through chance encounters, or unexpected events that may lead to success.

What are the reasons behind some individuals who exert effort but still fail to achieve their objectives?

There are reasons why individuals who put in effort may still fall short of reaching their goals. One reason could be the lack of skills or knowledge required for achieving those objectives. Another possibility is that they might not be working smartly or efficiently enough.

External factors such as conditions or market trends can also impede their progress.

How can the concept of working complement the concept of working in the pursuit of success?

Working smart involves efficiently and effectively striving towards one’s goals. It entails prioritizing, managing time wisely and making use of resources. Combining work with work can enable individuals to achieve their goals more swiftly and with less exertion. By working individuals can optimize their productivity. Attain superior outcomes.

In achieving success how does persistence compare to work in terms of importance?

Persistence is an element in attaining success. While hard work is essential it is often insufficient on its own. Success necessitates persistence when confronted with obstacles and setbacks. Individuals who demonstrate persistence in pursuing their objectives are more likely to accomplish success. Comparing to those who give up at the sign of difficulty.

What strategies can individuals use to enhance the effectiveness of their work?

To enhance the effectiveness of their work individuals can employ strategies. These include establishing clear goals, breaking tasks into more manageable steps. Prioritizing tasks according to importance. Effectively managing time and resources. Seeking feedback from others and adapting to changing circumstances.

Individuals have the opportunity to enhance their abilities and expand their knowledge endlessly. To enhance their performance and maximize their likelihood of achieving success, expanding their knowledge is critical for success.


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