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How to visualize to materialize YOUR GOALS

People worldwide have been employing various kinds of visualization methods for millennia.

However, owing to its reputation as a magical thing that isn’t grounded in reality, visualization is frequently considered something woo-woo.

  • The fact is that you don’t need to be religious to benefit from visualization techniques.
  • Psychologists have studied how imagery works and why it works, and the results are precise.
  • Since the 70s, virtually everyone interested in performance —from professional athletes to CEOs—has employed visualization methods to enhance their results in life.

Before we get into how to visualize your goals, let’s review what this is and why top athletes, CEO, and Hollywood celebrities are using it to “perform” and achieve their BHAG goals.

Let’s get started.

What is Visualization?

What is Visualization

The definition of visualization is creating a mental image of something that you want to happen. It is a form of mental rehearsal and can be used for anything you desire, whether passing an exam, becoming financially free, improving your health, or attracting your dream partner.

When you visualize, you are creating new neural pathways in your brain. When you repeatedly imagine what you want to achieve, the corresponding neurons will fire more frequently, and soon they will connect to other neurons that can help you achieve your goal.

This is how habits are formed; visualization is a powerful tool to create new, positive habits.

According to research, mental visual rehearsal can improve:

  • Motor skill learning
  • Athletic performance
  • Business results
  • Manifestation

Visualization establishes an emotional bond between your subconscious mind and the universe that attracts the energy required for a manifestation to occur.

Visualization allows you to envision exactly what you want in real life, as if it were already here, making the manifestation process much more manageable.

Now that you understand how powerful visualization techniques fit in with manifesting and performance let’s look at how to practice visualization techniques in real life.

Why You Should Practice Visualization Techniques

Why You Should Practice Visualization Techniques

You must first understand visualization and how it benefits the human body.

When you practice visualization techniques and positive thoughts – Your mind begins to work on overcoming the obstacles that stand in your path to attaining those goals by sending positive energy and messages through the body, including hormones such as dopamine and serotonin (which are associated with feelings of joy) and adrenaline (which gives us energy), which signal your brain to solve the problem.

  • Because our bodies want these things to happen, they work harder to make them happen.
  • When you sit down and close your eyes to visualize, you’re training your brain to see your desired outcome, what you want to happen, as if it’s happening.
  • This technique is often used by athletes, who use mental imagery, and as many details as possible to rehearse their performances before they step on the field or court.
  • And it’s not just for athletes.

Who can use visualization techniques?

Visualization can be used by anyone who wants to work on their future goals and do it for their purposes.

At first, while closing your eyes, you may only see space or the room you’re sitting in before you get into your wishful thinking.

Seeing empty or blurry space is fine.

Get used to using your visualizing a simple mental image before you get into the more advanced techniques for your manifesting purposes.

Does Visualization Work?

Does Visualization Work

The following celebrities know how to visualize and have used visualization techniques to further their careers:

  • Jim Carrey and Will Smith are well-known actors
  • Lindsey Vonn is a skier from the United States
  • Kanye West and Jay Z are also celebrities
  • Oprah Winfrey has her network
  • Steve Harvey is a famous comedian

There are more celebrities.

Jim Carrey

In public, Jim Carrey discusses the law of attraction, and he’s well worth your time. He even credits his ten-figure price tag for each picture to it.

Visualization is necessary for any manifestation because it connects your thoughts and the physical world.

No matter the objective, all successful visualizations have one thing in common: they start with an idea and end with implementation.

If you have trouble envisioning when using the law of attraction at first, don’t worry–you’re not alone. Don’t fret, though, for if you frequently sense the thrill building, it’s a good sign that success isn’t far away.

Some individuals have photographic memories, so it will be simple for them to imagine. It makes no difference whether or not you can’t visualize. There are several visualization techniques accessible to help you improve your abilities.

In the next section, I’ll go through that in further depth.

Consider these as a start.

If you take the time to understand how your mind works, it will be easier to use visualization as a manifestation tool.

How to Visualize To Materialize Your Goals

How to Visualize To Materialize Your Goals

Use the visualization techniques and your imagination to see what you want to happen as if it is happening – that’s the foundation of “how to visualize.” Doing this regularly will help program your mind to sidestep negative thinking and concentrate on what you want (your goal).

A few elements must be considered when utilizing any visualization.

It can be hard to learn how to visualize well, but it is essential to try to adjust.

  • To succeed, you must be steadfast in your focus.
  • It’s also essential to have consistency and repetition.
  • Your concentration must be laser-like.

To achieve mental clarity, you must engage in certain routines.

Though they may appear dull, routines are important because they help form beneficial habits.

Repetition aids in creating new neural pathways in your brain, which allows for a better vibrational alignment of your emotions and subconscious mind.

How to effectively visualize to materialize any goal

If you follow the steps below carefully, you can enhance your visualization:

Understand why your previous visualizations were not successful.

If you’re a driven business owner or entrepreneur, you probably know about the law of attraction and how it can lead to success. Learning about this law for the first time is always fascinating as your imagination runs wild with visions of what could be. Of course, you naturally want a piece of that action!

You may or may not have tested the law of attraction. And you’re left feeling disappointed with the results.

So, what went wrong here?

Perhaps you were never learned how to visualize.

It’s easy to see that many people benefit from the law of attraction. You’ve got the fundamentals, which aren’t rocket science. Something is therefore getting in your way.

What went wrong for you?

Several factors could be responsible for the answer.

  • What happened in your past or your current mental state can hold you back, along with a lack of certainty about what you want to do next.
  • However, success is inevitable if you have a strong desire and intention.

Learn how to visualize

Some common problems can stop you from achieving success. But only you know what your specific obstacles are. Likely, you are not successful because you do not know how to imagine what you want in a transparent way.

Some people find it difficult to imagine their old memories in detail. It can be hard to see yourself in a particular position, especially if you are not used to doing that.

Sometimes you might have a hard time imagining a situation.

This might be the reason you’re not getting the results you want. Remember that some famous people have testified that visualization is effective.

How to Visualize What You Want

How to Visualize What You Want

The following are some examples of different visualization techniques:


Memories are one of the most detailed images to produce, perhaps because the physical eyes have seen them and left a permanent impression. It takes less effort to re-create an image than to develop something new.

However, not all memories are created equal; they may fade with time. The effect of a traumatic experience is an exception to this rule; the images can endure a lifetime because of it. The mind is highly skilled at remembering traumas. This is why people subjected to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) suffer from excruciating flashbacks that force them to revisit their past experiences.

The more intense the initial emotional response, the likelier our memory is to preserve small details. The silver lining is we can exploit this while manifesting something.


Some people appear to recall their dreams more readily than others. Some individuals cannot remember their dreams. You’re fantasizing while asleep, no matter how much you place your dreams if they are vivid.

The scene may be sharp, clear, and vivid so that your memories of it will stay fresh in your mind for a few minutes or longer after you awake.

Not everyone experiences lucid dreaming, a circumstance in which the conscious mind wakes up while dreaming. Because you are aware of your current state, you have power over what happens in the dreamscape.

I will explore exercises you can do to improve your ability to remember dreams. This will positively impact your likelihood of having a lucid dream and hone your manifestation skills.

Remote Viewing

The idea of remote viewing is quite interesting. While less common, you can teach your brain to see things in meticulous detail from afar—for example, Joseph McMoneagle of the Monroe Institute.

McMoneagle is a well-known remote viewer who has even worked for the CIA, as described in his book ‘Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing.’ It’s also possible to use it for remote viewing training.

You can train your mind to remote views, like working out a muscle to make it stronger.

Use it or lose it – if you never use a muscle. Eventually, it will waste away. The same is true for psychic abilities.

It’s all about practice, discipline, and technique once again.


The key to success is visualization. You need to be able to see yourself achieving your goals to achieve them.

You’re always employing your imagination, whether planning a business meeting or purchasing a gift for a buddy. Almost every idea you have is inventive, whether you’re organizing a business meeting or buying a present for a friend.

For example, many people see daydreaming as a negative because we are taught it is unproductive. However, daydreaming is simply imagining; envisioning what you want is one of the most influential creative tools.

You are unleashing your creative energies when you think about a possible outcome in your thoughts.

When you add a solid emotion to the mix, the force intensifies to the point where you consciously or unconsciously initiate the manifestation process.

Establish a regular visualizing routine

As we all know, visualization is a powerful instrument for materializing our wishes. It helps us to perceive the life we want, making it more concrete and allowing us to feel as if we are already living it.

Though there is no “right” way to do it, many of us find it challenging to stick with this strategy.

That’s why I built DreamMaker, a guided manifestation coaching Saas that will lead you through the process of developing a consistent visualization practice based on your goals and values.

If you want to improve your visualization skills, you must be committed to addressing each aspect of your inner vision.

The goal is to teach the mind so that manifestation becomes second nature.

If you’ve ever tried the law of attraction and failed, there’s a good chance you’re a skeptic right now. Begin with an open mind; there are simply a few wrinkles to iron out.

Practicing regularly is essential if you want to improve your ability to visualize.

Aim to sharpen the following skills:

Dreaming, Memory, Recall, Concentration, and Meditation

You don’t have to complete them all, but the more you do, the better your mental sharpness and focus will be. Make an effort to set aside some time each day. When it comes to learning how to picture and create things, consistency is crucial.

You can utilize a variety of strategies, including:

  1. Dream journals
  2. Memory practice
  3. Mental image development
  4. Boards for visualizing
  5. Meditating

Tips on Visualization Techniques

Let’s look at each technique in greater depth:

1. Dream journals

Dream journals can help hone your thinking skills, develop creativity and imagination, and improve memory.

If you want to visualize your dreams better, try recounting them in as much detail as possible immediately after waking up. This includes noting any emotions, symbols, or realizations during the drive. You might be surprised at how much personal insight this exercise provides.

2. Memory improvement

A better inner vision works by sifting through past experiences and retrieving as much information as possible. Take, for example, trying to remember what your coworker wore the last time you saw them. Testing yourself this way will help improve your skills, even if it’s not easy.

If you have a photo album, check how much information you recall before viewing it by first attempting to identify the details from the photographs.

3. Practice with mental images

Another effective method for learning to see is mental image training. Consider an object and preserve it in your thoughts as long as possible. It’s essentially the same as meditation; instead of emptying your mind, you’re aiming to focus intensely on something. Triangles and circles are fine examples.

The sigil, a more sophisticated version of the sign that calls forth the law of attraction, is one example. Aleister Crowley, a notorious sorcerer who wrote The Book of Thoth and other works, was a big fan of sigils. They’re symbols constructed out of words that express your goal.

Afterward, while still feeling the emotions associated with your intention, you’ll hold the symbol in your mind before releasing it. Some people believe sigils to be a form of magic, but they can also be used to practice visualizing outcomes.

4. Practice with vision boards

Creating a visualization board is both valuable and pleasurable. It’s one of the most effective methods for bringing your desires to reality and being an incredibly uplifting experience.

If you’re looking to manifest your dream life, creating a vision board is one way to do so. It can be done physically or virtually by collecting images representing what you hope to achieve and placing them together.

Creating a vision board is an excellent way to see yourself in different situations and feel the associated emotions.

Aim high with your board goals and let your creativity run wild to see what you can achieve.

Mark off accomplishments as they happen so you may track what works.

How to Visualize Goals That You Want To Manifest

Anything you can see or feel that represents what you hope to achieve is called a visualizing manifestation. Creating one can help you focus on your goals and make them come true.

You can create a visualization manifestation in many ways.

You may use pictures, phrases, affirmations, or even things to express your goals. Some people prefer visualization or meditation techniques, while others think it’s easier to make a vision board or establish objectives in a notebook or planner.

Finally, it is critical to be clear and focused on your goal outcome if you want to create practical visualization manifestations.

Taking action that is in line with your goals daily using this approach.


You’re all set to go.

If you keep practicing the law of attraction exercises, learning how to visualize will become second nature.

Increased mental focus, clarity of aim, improved memory, and dream recall are all possible byproducts of learning how to visualize.

However, the law of attraction will no longer seem so elusive once your inner pictures become a powerful force.

Remember that manifestation only works if you put effort into it! For example, would you still be checking to see if your online order arrived on time?

A lack of trust stops your manifestation goals before they even have a chance to begin. You can only place your order once you’ve completed your visualizations and truly feel the emotions that come with them.

You may now sit back, close your eyes, and wait for the magic to happen since you’ve learned how to picture.

petri maatta, CEO
Petri Maatta

Petri Maatta is a photographer, filmmaker, and webdesigner who has been working for over 20 years in the creative industry. Fascinated by manifesting for business reasons, Petri was determined to find out what it took to create success. He started his career with seven years of business failures before he found success by learning about manifesting from a mentor with a Fortune 500 company. Today Petri shares his knowledge through DreamMaker courses designed to help people change their businesses and lives while living on their terms.

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