Glossary of LOA Phrases, Terms And Definitions


An acronym for the word Law of Attraction – often used by people who do not wish to type out the “long” sentence in all it’s glory!

Abraham Hicks

The Teachings of Abraham are a collection of the writings, lectures, and recorded conversations that define these spiritual teachings.


The definition of action is the process or state of acting or being active. An action is something that is done and often refers to physical movement. I.e. taking action on something.


Appreciation means recognizing the value in something. When you appreciate something, you see it as being worth more than its surface value.

Art of Allowing

The term is sometimes used to refer to the Law of Attraction seminars developed and presented by Abraham-Hicks, as well as the ability to let life occur, receive, and allow one’s experiences without fighting them or trying to change them.


Attraction is a power that unites or separates two objects. Positive attraction occurs when the force draws them in, while negative attraction causes them to repel each other.


Autosuggestion is the process of utilizing empowering affirmations to reprogram your thoughts and instill hope, confidence, and positivity into yourself. By using this method, you can create a more optimistic outlook on life!!


Magnificence is the amalgamation of qualities that bring pleasure to the eyes. It can be elucidated as a vista, pleasing or alluring in its aesthetic charm.

Body Memory

From physical injury to psychological distress, body memory can be triggered by a variety of factors – from intense trauma or stress to the repetition of certain motions.

Book of Positive Aspects (BOPA)

The phrase “Book of Positive Aspects” is a shorthand way to describe the exercise of gathering and recording all the good qualities found in people or situations. It emphasizes looking at what’s right with something rather than dwelling on its shortcomings, providing personal motivation as well as valuable insight.


The potency of attraction energy when you tap into the power of identifying ‘what you DO want instead’ during a period of negative emotions is known as “the bounce.”

Cognitive Priming

It is a phenomenon where our present mental state affects how we respond to coming stimuli. In other words, what we are thinking, feeling, and doing right now can shape the way that new information is processed.

Cognitive reframing

Cognitive reframing is a powerful method for shifting your outlook to gain an optimistic mindset. It will help you view situations beneficially, and it’s an essential tool for transforming how you perceive the world around you. With this technique, nothing has to remain as daunting or difficult; instead, everything can be seen from a more hopeful angle!

Collective Consciousness

Collective consciousness is a powerful phenomenon that allows people to connect on an emotional level by sharing passions and ideas. This form of social awareness encourages individuals to collaborate, learn from each other’s experiences, and grow together as a community.


In the Teachings of LOA, contrast is a term that’s frequently used; it refers to everything we encounter in life, everything that happens to us, around us, and others, as well as all experiential information that enters our awareness. If you consider only the negative aspects or problems, it’s easy to make contrast a pejorative term, but in Law of Attraction terms, there is no such thing as good or bad; everything is just information that exists. Everything in life, from the major events to the small details, is a reflection of what has been attracted thus far, as an indication of where resistance may be found, and as a chance to fine-tune one’s thoughts on the issue. Contrast is supposed to assist us in recognizing the “obstacles” in our own thoughts by revealing the shadows of what has manifested, since all good all of the time is both impossible (and not what life is for!)


The definition of consciousness has been a matter of debate among scholars in the fields of philosophy, psychology, and cognitive science.


You can think of a defeat as a time when you didn’t win or succeed. If, for example, you come in last place in a contest, that’s an instance of being defeated by the other participants.

Deliberate Creation

The definition of deliberate Creation states that to create something, you must first conceive of it in your mind and then take action steps to make it a reality.


A demonstration is an act of presenting a product or idea to an audience for the purpose of persuading them to accept it.

Disc, High-Flying Disc

The disc lingo is a metaphor that Abraham has lately utilized to help people imagine the emotional scale’s levels of consciousness in a more tangible way.


The definition of distinction is “the quality or state of being different or unique.” This term is often used to describe someone who is notable or special in some way.


A common phrase in the Abraham-Hicks Art of Allowing seminars is “to go with the flow,” to accept an idea, concept, or situation, or to obtain some comfort from negative thoughts on a particular issue.


Signs, evidence, or indicators that what you want is beginning to materialize all around you. It’s a metaphor for how ships used to travel across oceans, when they would be out at sea for months at a time and could tell that they were approaching land long before they saw it.


“Eagerness” speaks to one’s level of excitement and desire for something; it describes a person’s willingness or readiness to experience that thing.


To embody your goals means to take action and do the necessary work to make them a reality. It is essential for achieving success, as well as documenting it along the way.


The Eucharist is a sacred rite of Christian worship, considered by many to be the holiest sacrament.


Amplify, magnify, and expand; in other words, to grow bigger. Whether it be in size or scope, volume or amount – when you enlarge something’s boundaries then you are broadening its potential.


Gratitude is the capacity to acknowledge and show appreciation for something you have received. When we recognize all of the positive aspects of our lives, gratitude can fill us with joy and contentment.


The Grid is a highly effective, potent tool to bring your visions into reality. It’s amazingly akin to the Vortex and it allows you to observe how thought energy vibrates and materializes itself in life.

Holding Back

When you hold yourself back, you’re not being fully authentic. You might be censoring your thoughts and feelings out of fear of what others will think or because you’re afraid of conflict.


In advance, make affirmative statements of what you DO want to have, be, do, experience, or would like to have happen. To be intentional implies having a positively focused concept, strategy, or aim in mind, as well as visualizing yourself achieving it.

Intense joy

Is a feeling of great happiness that is very strong and sudden. It is usually caused by something good happening, such as winning a prize or hearing good news.


The incarnation is a belief that the divine was made manifest in human form. In Christian theology, the term “fully human and fully divine” is primarily used to refer to the belief that Jesus Christ was both.


To create a mental image of something that isn’t accessible via the senses is what the term “imagining” means.


Latent refers to something that is not yet apparent or visible. It may be hidden, but it has the potential to become real or manifest under the right conditions.

Laying New Pipes:

Some lingo from an Abraham-Hicks analogy about subterranean pipes that were clogged with roots. So, rather than trying to clean the existing pipes, it was more sensible and cost-effective to “install new pipes”. You are always seeking for a new way to improve your life. So, it is best to focus on creating positive new beliefs and adopting good habits of thought rather than attempting to “get to the bottom” of painful issues/problems.


The vast majority of people only use a tiny fraction of their potential, whether it’s in terms of intelligence, creativity, or physical ability.

Low-hanging Fruit:

Accomplishment is within your reach. That’s why there are numerous options for you to boost your self-esteem and focus on the things that bring you joy, all through the Law of Attraction.


Magic is defined as an event that appears to defy explanation and is often believed to originate from some supernatural source.


Magnetism is that remarkable energy that permits us to draw items towards or repel them away from ourselves, based on our innermost desires and sentiments. In layman’s terms, magnetism gives us a power of appeal or avoidance over the things around us.


Harnessing the power of manifestation, a manifester is driven to bring their ideas and dreams to fruition. Through sheer will and commitment, they can generate something from nothing; making any wish or ambition come true! Whether it be materializing success in business or resolving an issue, the possibilities with manifesting energy are boundless!

Meditation Psychology

Through the practice of meditation, individuals can use mindfulness and other techniques to focus their attention on a singular object, thought, or activity.

Micro Habits

A micro habit is a tiny, yet meaningful action that you can do consistently to achieve an end goal. Taking these small steps regularly will eventually lead to the outcome you desire.

Mind’s Eye

Our mind’s eye is a powerful notion that allows us to both recall memories and envision potential futures. It serves as an invaluable tool for contemplating the past, present, and future alike.


When speaking in terms of the Law of Attraction, intensity is a collection of energy. It’s what powers your belief in something and causes you to think with more force on it – often referred to as an emotional or vibrational rise. The amount, direction, speed, and strength of thoughts, feelings/emotions all contribute to this effect; causing powerful emotions about any subject that you have strong opinions about not letting go until they are satisfied.

Neural Pathways

Neurons, the vital cells that transmit messages along neural pathways, are in charge of enabling us to think, feel and act.

New Age

According to the dictionary, the term ‘new age’ is used to describe a range of spiritual or non-scientific activities. These definitions may include meditation, astrology, and alternative medicine.

Raise your vibration

Your mindset and feelings influence your vibration, so you can adjust it as needed to suit whoever has just come through the door. Striking a balance is crucial—you want everyone to feel great but don’t overdo it or appear like you’re trying too hard!

Self actualization

Self-actualization is a journey of uncovering the fullest potential that all humans strive for. This level of development has been recognized as the peak point in human growth, and there’s no limit to how far we can go with it!


Feeling angry, dissatisfied, irritable, unpleasant, and crotchety are all symptoms of a bad mood. Occasionally, you feel out of sync with the Universe as a result of attractively attracting more of the same.


Something that is Palpable may be readily felt or tapped. Palpable is also used to describe a sensation that can’t be contained or expressed.


To intentionally divert your attention away from an undesirable experience or circumstance and concentrate on thinking about what you would prefer instead (or onto a totally different subject.) To immediately concentrate your attention on something enjoyable rather than what is currently taking place.

Point of Attraction

The point of attraction is a place in consciousness where we come into perfect alignment with our desires. It is the experience of complete and utter bliss.


Polarity is the state of having two opposite principles. This means there are two conflicting forces present.


In theological usage, Providence usually refers to God’s preservation and direction of all things in the universe.

Rampage of Appreciation

This is an unusual, yet popular, Law of Attraction phrase…. It means to continuously speak or write for a lengthy period of time, expressing love, pleasure, appreciation, gratitude, and enjoyment for individuals, things, or events in your life.


The definition of reflection in your thinking is the process of thinking about and learning from past experiences. It is a way of looking back at what has happened and thinking about what has been learned from it.


Resistance in the Law of attraction is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the act or power of resisting, opposing, or withstanding.”


The word “soul” has been defined in a variety of ways throughout history, but one constant theme ties together all of these descriptions: the soul is regarded as the person’s essence. It defines us as individuals and endures after we are gone.

Source/Source Energy

Source Energy is a term that’s sometimes used interchangeably with God, The Universe, Higher Power, Divine, Absolute Being, Creator, Spirit, and even the Vortex in the Abraham teachings.


To struggle is to strive, striving tirelessly to break through any impediments that stand between you and freedom.


It’s defined as “something that transcends the boundaries of natural phenomena” or “anything unexplainable by scientific means,” supernatural forces have been a source of wonder, fascination, and terror for centuries.


Thankfulness is the emotion of being content and joyous about something. It can also be described as “The sentiment of thankfulness” or “Acknowledging kindness with appreciation.”


Showing your appreciation through words is a simple but meaningful way to acknowledge gifts, services, or favors. Uttering two small yet powerful words – “Thank you” – can make all the difference in someone else’s day.


As we come together to celebrate Thanksgiving, let us pause in appreciation for the gifts of this past year and look toward a brighter future with optimism.


Through theophany, God reveals himself to humanity in a myriad of ways.


Some people take transformation as an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth, while others may view it as something to be dreaded; but still, the process of change is undeniably transformative. With transformation comes advancement, a new path of enlightenment that can help you find your power within.


The feeling of being overwhelmed by a preponderance of negative emotions and struggling to cope with life is referred to as overwhelm. It’s a metaphor for “paddling against the current” and not “going with the flow” while working too hard at something (figuratively speaking.) When you’re mad or upset, it’s known in Abraham Hicks circles as “goin’ upstream.”

Valve/Open Valve:

A phrase often seen in the Law of Attraction/Sara book series, by Esther Hicks. To keep one’s valve open is to maintain an open-hearted attitude and move peaceful, constructive ideas in sync with the perpetual stream of pure good energy that surrounds us at all times. It’s a metaphor for a water tap, or a hose, which is always linked to the water source but can only deliver water when the valve is set to the open position. To have an open valve is to be thinking, speaking, or acting with the energy of praise, approval, admiration, and good intentions.


The way that we approach a situation, the amount of effort we put in, and the type of emotion associated with it will determine what energy is broadcasted into our universe. Let’s use this to manifest positive outcomes by always thinking carefully about how we express ourselves through words and actions.

Vibrational Alignment

Vibrational alignment is the act of resonating in harmony with ideas that bring forth a sense of serenity, affection, blissfulness, gratification, placidity, or exhilaration.

Vibrational Escrow

All that you desire is already within you in its non-physical form. Your vibrational escrow serves as the vessel for your deepest dreams and hopes.

Vibrational Match

To bring about the life of our dreams, we must align ourselves with what we hope to acquire. The law of attraction enables us to accomplish this and attract all the great things that make up our desires.


Vision is about seeing and understanding your future with a plan to turn those dreams into reality.


Accessing the Vortex is a heavenly experience, similar to when you are “in the flow” and immersed in an inner state of bliss. Creative fulfillment radiates from within as peace and tranquility settle over your entire being. It’s simply marvelous!


The Law of Attraction shows us that contentment is our primary foundation for any life experience. This means joy, fulfillment, love, wellbeing, and energy are available to all! It’s time to embrace your potential – an exhilarating existence full of harmony awaits you!


When you experience an emotional imbalance, insecurity, and instability it means that you’re transitioning from a desire to an absolute belief of knowingness or certainty that what you want is on its way to materialize. Being in the wobble suggests that your vibration lies somewhere between boredom and worry along the Emotional Scale. To feel better again, seek out another source of inspiration!


The Law of Attraction contains a growing set of definitions for many of the words, phrases frequently used in the Law of Attraction community.

Many definitions come from the teachings of Abraham.

The glossary and terms that you’re reading right now are based on YOUR questions, ideas about what YOU would want to understand about LOA!

Do you want to learn more about what a word or phrase means?

Please do submit any Law of Attraction keywords or phrases using the contact form and we’ll our best to include them in this glossary!

Unfortunately, the phrase “Law of Attraction” has become so widespread and misinterpreted that many people mistakenly believe it’s simply about attracting and creating “things” and “money”

However, the Law of Attraction is much more than simply attraction and “like attracts like.”

  • It’s a philosophy
  • A metaphysical axiom
  • A belief system
  • A movement

To many people’s surprise – one of the most difficult words in the English language.

It is based on the concept that everything—from all matter, all thought forms, and all physical and non-physical energies, people, events, things, ideas—is a part of ONE SUPPLY.

Vibrations of comparable energy and thinking frequencies are drawn to one another, accumulating around people’s thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs that are receptive to them (whether or not they want it).

The Law of Attraction also states that LIFE is supposed to be FUN! To be enjoyed.

Connecting with the positively-oriented and loving vibration of Source Energy is the most efficient approach to experience your goals.

For a more in-depth explanation, see the “What Is The Law of Attraction” page for further information.