The Definition of Struggle

Struggle is defined as a difficult situation in which people are fighting or competing in order to achieve something. In other words, it is a period of time when things are hard and you have to work very hard to achieve your goals. Struggle can also be referred to as a battle, a contest, or a fight. It is often

Struggling, or simply struggle, is defined as forcing yourself to go beyond your limits in order to achieve goals that are otherwise hard or challenging.

Struggle is also defined as striving to break through obstacles blocking your way in order to achieve freedom.

The word struggle is a very common word that people use to describe their lives.

What is a Struggle?

A struggle is defined as a difficult situation or problem that someone is trying to deal with. It can also be referred to as a period of difficulties, hardship, or conflict. Everyone goes through struggles at some point in their lives.

The word struggle is often used as a synonym for hard work or hard times. It is so commonly used that it has almost become a cliche. But struggle actually has a much more complex meaning than either of those words can convey.

Struggle is an individual’s leap to achieve greater success by going through difficulty and hardship. History is full of great people’s struggles who conquered hardships, experienced pain and suffering, fought against oppression for freedom. They left their legacies for people to follow.

How do people Struggle?

People can struggle in different ways and for different reasons. Some people may struggle with their mental health, while others may struggle with their physical health. Some people may struggle with their relationships, while others may struggle with their finances.

  • Every individual has gone through a struggle of their own. People struggle to achieve something greater, or to achieve freedom from tyranny.
  • People also struggle when life throws hardships at them. They go through hard times but in the end they are the ones who become stronger.
  • Struggling can come in many forms and it can affect people from all walks of life.

Here are a few common examples of people’s struggles:

General Health

There comes a time when an individual is not healthy. It can either be something minor or serious. In both cases, the person has to struggle through hardships, including pain, depression if the case is serious. An individual looking to quit an addiction has to struggle through hardships of withdrawal symptoms.


An individual can face relationship issues at various stages of their lives. It often leads to depression and people are forced to go through a hard time. The best thing they could get in this situation is another individual’s support.

Financial Issues

One of the biggest struggles of an individual is dealing with financial issues. There are a lot of people that have a hard time earning minimum wage. They have to face hardships of bearing responsibility for their families, without any source of financial support. Individuals have to work overtime, beyond their normal capacity to struggle through the hardships.

However, the one thing that people who are struggling have in common is that they need help.

What to do if you or someone else is Struggling?

If you know someone who is struggling, the best thing you can do is to reach out to them and let them know that you care about them, and offer a helping hand.

Some people just need someone’s support, a few supporting words could motivate them enough to go through hardships alone. But not every problem has the same solution. Every person faces a different problem which requires a different approach. But it does not hurt to try. You can help an individual in a lot of ways.

  • You can provide a person with financial support if the person is struggling financially.
  • You can console a person who is having relationship issues.
  • You can support a person emotionally if they are going through hardships.

What do struggles teach us?

Although struggles can be hard for an individual, they teach valuable lessons. Here are a few lessons an individual can learn through struggles and hardships:

Self-awareness and Knowledge

Individuals learn about themselves through struggles and hardship. They do not know about their own abilities until they push themselves to the limit. Hardships play the role of pushing them to their limits, their experiences are saved in their memory. In the future, they would be ready to face similar hardships.


Resourcefulness is also known as the ability of a person to utilize limited resources. Individuals become more resourceful when they face hardships and struggles. They have to use a limited amount of resources, save up for the future even if it appears contradictory. As hardships give us a lesson and an opportunity to learn from mistakes.


An individual needs to know that not everything is under their control. Things happen involuntarily, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Hardships are mostly involuntary, and they remind individuals that they are not under control. They need to adjust to the new environment and move on.

Compassion & Humility

When an individual goes through hardship and struggles, they understand the pain of other people going through the same situation. As a result, they tend to move towards humility and compassion. Receiving help from other individuals motivates them to do the same.

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