What is Source Energy

Source Energy is a term that’s sometimes used interchangeably with God, The Universe, Higher Power, Divine, Absolute Being, Creator, Spirit, and even the Vortex in the Abraham teachings. It’s the inaudible energy that courses through everyone and everything, the life-force of thoughts, ideas, and consciousness, and it’s often equated with love.

Some people feel Source Energy as a warmth or tingling in their bodies, while others experience it as a presence or intelligence that’s always available to them. Some people get insights and ideas from Source Energy, while others feel guided by an invisible hand. There is no wrong way to experience Source Energy – everyone experiences it in their own unique way.

What is life source energy?

In this universe, there is no such thing as a physical location; instead, it exists only in the mind. It’s not a tangible place but rather a place in consciousness where we may tap into the essence of life force energy itself. This life energy, also known as source energy, flows through and binds all things together. Everything that exists is a manifestation of this life energy.

When we’re tuned in to source energy, we feel connected to something much greater than ourselves. We feel supported, loved, and guided. We can access our creativity and intuition more easily, and we’re better able to manifest our desires.

Source energy is always available to us, but we often lose touch with it when we get caught up in the comforts of life.

What is blocking us from experiencing source energy?

There are five things that may prevent us from experiencing the source energy:

  1. Distracting thoughts which are often based on past conditioning may take our focus away from the present moment and prevent us from being fully aware of what’s happening around us.
  2. Ego-based desires can also cloud our judgment and lead us astray from our true path.
  3. And finally, negative emotions such as fear, anger, and resentment can block us off from experiencing the positive energy that naturally flows through us.
  4. Unresolved trauma or trauma that’s been suppressed can also prevent us from accessing source energy.
  5. Sexual barriers and frustrations can also be a major blockage to experiencing source energy.

All of these things can prevent us from experiencing the fullness of life and our connection to the infinite source of energy.

When we’re not in touch with source energy, we may feel lost, alone, and directionless. We may feel like something is missing in our lives, even if we have all the material comforts we could ever want.

In order to connect with source energy, we must first clear our minds of all negative thoughts and feelings.

Next, we need to focus on the present moment and let go of any attachments or desires that are pulling us away from the here and now.

And finally, we need to open our hearts and let go.

Why do we want to connect to source energy?

When we connect with Source Energy, we are tapping into an infinite well of love, light, and healing energy. This connection can help us to feel more centered, peaceful, and connected to our higher selves. It can also help us to access our own inner wisdom and intuition.

When we are in touch with Source Energy, we feel at home in the world and more connected to all of life. We may also find it easier to manifest our desires, as we are aligning with our highest good.

There are many ways to connect with Source Energy. Some people like to meditate or pray, while others simply take a few deep breaths and focus on their heart center.

How to Connect to Source Energy

The best way to connect with Source Energy is to simply be present and open to the experience.

There’s no need to force anything or try to control the experience. Just relax, let go, and see what happens. You may find that you naturally start to feel more connected to Source Energy as you let go of your expectations and preconceived notions of what is possible.

  1. One way to connect with Source Energy is to meditate. Meditation allows us to quiet our minds and open ourselves up to the possibility of connecting with something greater than ourselves. There are many different ways to meditate, so find one that feels right for you.
  2. Another way is to simply spend time in nature. Be around trees, listen to the sounds of the birds, and feel the wind on your skin. Breathe deeply and let yourself feel the inter-connectedness of all life. You may also find it helpful to connect with like-minded people who can support you on your journey.
  3. A third way is to through your creative endeavors. Whether it’s painting, writing, dancing or singing, allow yourself to express your creativity and connect with the Source Energy that flows through you.

No matter what method you choose, the most important thing is to be open to the possibility of connecting with Source Energy. It is all around us and within us, and it always feels good to connect with this infinite source of love and light.

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