The Definition of a Grid

The definition of a Grid, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), is “a network of interconnected power sources and loads.” Grids are used to distribute electricity from power plants to consumers.

The term “grid” can also refer to the physical infrastructure that makes up the electrical grid, such as power lines, transformers, and other equipment.

What is a Grid In the Law of Attraction?

The grid is a tool that can be used to help manifest desires. It is a way of organizing thoughts and feelings to make it easier to attract what you want into your life.

It’s a technique for seeing how ideas’ energetic vibration becomes a material reality.

The grid organizes thoughts and feelings in a way that makes it easier to attract what you want into your life.

Some people believe that the Universe is like a giant computer and that the grid is how we interface with it. We input our desires into the grid, and the Universe responds by giving us what we want.

Others believe that the grid is a way of focusing our power. By aligning our thoughts and feelings with our desired outcome, we can create powerful synergies that attract our goals.

Whatever your beliefs, there is no denying that the grid is a powerful tool for manifesting your desires. If you want to learn how to use the grid to create the life of your dreams, read on!

Why Should You use The Grid?

The grid can be used as a tool to help you focus on your goals and what you want to achieve. Organizing your thoughts and feelings can better direct your energy towards attracting your desires.

It helps to raise your vibration so that you are a match for your desires, and it also helps to align your thoughts and feelings with what you want to manifest. The grid can be used for anything you want to display: abundance, a new job, a new relationship, or anything else.

To use the grid, write down your desire on a piece of paper and then place it on the grid.

Focus your attention on the desire and visualize it coming into your life.

How To Use The Grid?

What is an Energy Grid, and how can you construct and utilize one to create the ideal life for yourself?

  1. Consider the thing you want to create. Write your goals down.
  2. Then consider how it would feel to have it. Feeling good is the secret.
  3. Make a list of how you believe you will feel once your desire has been fully realized.
  4. Spend time daily feeling into your energy grid after constructing it. It’s essential not just to say the words but also to act as if what you’re saying is true in your mind and heart.


I made this energy grid a month before I started looking for a new place to live. Every day, I would sit with my grid and repeat each word carefully, ensuring each felt true to me. “My new home feels…”

Welcoming, Sociable, Supportive, Uplifting, Light, Impacting, Beautiful, Airy, Spacious, Loving, Bright

What Else Can You Use The Grid For?

An Energy Grid can be used to create anything you desire to manifest, from the type of day you want to have to how you would like to experience your work or your relationships. It can be applied to any experience.

Maintaining the vibrational frequency for what we desire is our work and can be achieved through practices such as using Energy Grids. The how of manifestation is not our concern and is better left to the Universe. Sometimes, lack of trust derails us because we try to control the outcome instead of focusing on what we can influence -our vibration. Matching our desires with the best possible options will occur naturally when we let go and allow things to unfold organically.

How Long Does It Take To Work

This is simply a suggestion of a technique that has proved effective in my experience and the experiences of numerous others I’ve recommended it to. However, effects may differ from person to person. Manifestation techniques are not a quick fix; instead, they are intended to be employed regularly and over time.

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