Book of positive aspects (BOPA)

The term “BOPA” refers to an abbreviated phrase that means “book of positive aspects.” It is a way to find and/or compile lists of good qualities, by focusing on people’s and situations’ positive characteristics and recording them.

Why Use The Book Of Positive Aspects

When you need to change your focus on a specific topic in your life, the book of positive aspects can be a helpful tool

  1. Find things to be grateful for
  2. Get unstuck from a problem-focused mindset
  3. Challenge your beliefs about yourself, others, or the world in general
  4. When you’re conscious that a subject that takes your undivided focus isn’t making you feel good, and you want to raise your vibration around it
  5. When happy emotion pours through you in response to a positive notion you’re focusing on, and you want to stay on the good-feeling wave for as long as possible
  6. When the majority of the issues you focus on seem wonderful to you, but there are a few uneasy holdouts that you want to shape into a better place

What Is The Book Of Positive Aspects

The Book of Positive Aspects is one of the 22 manifestation processes outlined in Ask and It Is Given, by Abraham Hicks.

The Book of Positive Aspects was created to assist you in aligning yourself with the high-vibration appreciation frequency.

As you practice, this tone will become your dominant vibration, and all aspects of your life will begin to reflect it.

The benefits of this process are:

  • You will feel better by getting unstuck from the problem-focused mindset.
  • Your point of attraction will improve, no matter how good it seems right now.
  • Your relationship with each topic or goal aread that you write about will become richer, more satisfying, and clear, which will attract more of what you want.
  • Even more fantastic individuals, locations, encounters, and things will be delivered to you by the Law of Attraction.

List of positive aspects examples

This is a simple exercise that may help you establish a list of desirable qualities in your life.

  • Think of people or situations in your life that you appreciate.
  • For each one, brainstorm a list of qualities that make them special to you.
  • Be as specific as possible.
  • Write down your lists in a notebook, or create a digital document.

Good qualities in people

An interesting approach is to not only focus on things, but people. People in your life are you, your family, your spouse or your children.

They can be identified as strengths, talents, virtues, or accomplishments. You might identify a friend’s BOPA qualities as being helpful, sincere, or intelligent. You could also record in your own BOPA that you are creative, resourceful, or have a good sense of humor. Whatever is true for you.

Some people choose to write down their Bopa list as a gratitude exercise. This can be done by brainstorming things in your life that you are thankful for, such as your health, your family, your job, or your home. For each item on your list, brainstorm a few qualities about that thing that you appreciate.

How To Use The Book Of Positive Aspects

The Book of Positive Aspects is a tool for personal growth and development. It relies on the idea that we all have good qualities about ourselves, but we may not be aware of them. The BOPA can assist us in becoming more self-aware and recognizing our own good qualities.

  1. Write about someone or something that you’re constantly happy about.
  2. Ask yourself these questions as you concentrate on the name or title you’ve composed: What do I like about you? What am I so fond of about you? What are your best characteristics?
  3. Take notes on the ideas that occur to you in response to these questions. Allow these concepts to flow easily and do not try to force them.
  4. Read through your notes to identify and appreciate the positive aspects.

Create your list of personal qualities

  • Choose your topic of interest
  • Take some time to review your lists.
  • Identify any qualities that are common to several people or situations on your list.
  • These may be qualities that are particularly important to you.
  • Choose 10-12 of the most important qualities from your list, and write them down in a separate document.

Other definitions

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