Definition of Appreciation

Even though appreciation has different meanings, the common one is “enjoyment and the recognition due to outstanding of other individual’s or something’s qualities.”

It also refers to “perceiving” or “understanding” the worth of something of another person.

Whenever people appreciate other people, they will acknowledge their real importance.

The Word Appreciation

This word has been derived from the Latin word gratus, referring to thankful or pleasing. Furthermore, the word gratus is also used English root for the word grateful. Therefore appreciation can be referred to as gratitude on a larger scale.

Appreciation Meaning

It refers to the recognition of someone else good qualities.

Synonyms of Appreciation

The following are similar words that can be used for appreciation:

  • Esteem
  • Admiration
  • Respect
  • Approbation

Antonyms of Appreciation

The following are the words used to refer to the opposite of appreciation:

  • Hatred
  • Contempt
  • Hatred
  • Disapproval

Example of Word Appreciation in a Sentence

  • Thank you for your appreciation.
  • I appreciate your genuine help.

What is Appreciation?

It refers to a grateful feeling arising from the individual recognizing good within a person or something. Whenever people appreciate others, they are likely to feel grateful for what others do or what they are.

Most people have thought of appreciation as being thankful for whatever they are having. There are also other instances where it means enjoying a given moment while also being thankful for the great things happening to everything in the environment. Whenever you appreciate someone, you are likely to make the person feel appreciated.

Appreciation makes the person feel good since they know that others are noticing what they are doing and showing gratitude. These individuals feel valued and cared for.

Appreciation has been proven to be one of the main factors in attaining a happy and fulfilling relationship. Every individual should therefore try it. You should show your appreciation to your family members, friends, or colleagues and watch the impact it will have on their lives.

We should acknowledge that appreciation goes beyond saying “thank you.”

It is critical to note that appreciation is a primary human need similar to water or air. However, in most instances, since stressful lives surround us, most people fail to appreciate the good things surrounding them. There have been various scenarios where individuals have taken their partner for granted or even failed to acknowledge the beauty in the objects.

Recognizing the good in other people is one of the main ways to show appreciation. Moreover, there are different ways to show appreciation, such as doing something special for them, spending time with them, or even letting them know how you think of them.

Here Are Simple Ways An Individual Can Get Started:

Keep a gratitude Journal

In this journal, you should write the following three things. You should note what you are grateful for, despite how small. You will likely be surprised how this small act could have been in your life. Furthermore, it could help you emphasize positive life aspects, improving life.

Show your appreciation

Whether you will show it in a handwritten note, a small gift, or even through a verbal thank you, you should let other people know the level you appreciate them.

Words of Appreciation

You can use the following common words or sentences to show appreciation.

  • Thank you.
  • Your effort is commendable.
  • Thank you for making a difference.
  • Thank you for your contribution.
  • Your commitment is appreciated.
  • Your dedication is appreciated.
  • Thank you for going above and beyond.

Pay it forward

You should do something good for the person without expecting them to pay it in return. You can pick up coffee for the individual that is behind you in the line or hold the door open. This meaning of pay it forward is one highlighted in the Cambridge Dictionary.

Smile and mean it

Even though most people have normalized smiling, smiling is contagious, and you should spread happiness today!

Practicing gratitude should not be complicated or time-consuming, as most people have been perceiving. The small actions that we do every day will have a huge impact on our overall well-being.

Think about what you have

In most instances, we are likely to focus more on the negative things. However, since it negatively impacts our life, we should focus on the positive things. Whenever you start feeling low, you should write down the great things happening in your life.

You should always try to notice the good things
We are often likely to be carried away by our day-to-day lives, failing to appreciate the good things happening around us. Paying attention to the little things can make you thankful and happy for them.

Positive Aspects of Appreciation

Appreciation is a critical ingredient of a person having a fulfilling relationship. Whenever you appreciate someone, you will make their day and yours since we also feel good. Appreciation is, therefore, a win-win situation.

Whenever you appreciate someone, you make them feel good and boost your outlook on life. There are instances where appreciation is linked with longer life, better health, and greater happiness.

Making a conscious effort to appreciate the individuals and people surrounding us can help to reap outstanding benefits.

Appreciation also boosts our moods and satisfaction regarding life. It helps to strengthen our relationships, trust, and mutual respect. Furthermore, it increases the individual’s physical health since it helps to relieve stress, boosting immunity. Moreover, it helps to reduce blood pressure and anxiety or depression symptoms. It has also been linked to having better sleep!

You boost your overall well-being whenever you appreciate the good things in the environment. Different studies have shown that gratitude promotes an individual’s happiness in life. It also helps us to manage stress and adversity while improving our relationships.


Appreciation is a strong feeling that has a huge potential to make a huge impact in our lives. Whenever you are grateful you will be more cheerful and pleased. Besides, you are also likely to be more friendly and generous to other people.

You should ensure that you appreciate regularly! Just sit down and look how your life will positively transform!

So, make sure to appreciate often! Just see how your life transforms for the better!

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What does appreciation mean?

It means recognizing the value in someone or something. Whenever you appreciate, you see more worth than the one seen in the surface value. We can apply appreciation in different areas of life.

Other definitions

The definition of grateful is feeling or showing appreciation for

Thankfulness is defined as the feeling of being happy about

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for the blessings of the past